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96. Honest Social Anxiety Solutions Testimonial

In this episodeā€¦ Jamie Dougherty gives a genuine review of Social Anxiety Solutions System and Coaching and I provide a response. I really appreciated the feedback and here are some of the things Jamie shares: his experience with the Social Confidence System, how he feels about his one-on-one coaching session with me, specific tools he found extremely useful, what tools…

90. What if They See Me Being Socially Anxious

In this episodeā€¦ We break down the fear of others seeing you being socially anxiousā€¦ ā€¦ weā€™ll give you the tools to build an awareness in order to recognize and understand the problem Here are some things youā€™ll learn: An understanding of why this fear happens A common reaction to the fear and why it is unhelpful How to respond…

88. Self Acceptance a Key to Social Confidence

In this episodeā€¦ We are doing a look back to episode 5 with Steve Wells about self-acceptance to become socially confident. We share the importance of self-acceptance as it is the key to social confidenceā€¦ ā€¦ weā€™ll be looking back to episode 5 where I interviewed Steve Wells to discuss what is at the root of social anxiety, what prevents…

86. Dealing with Social Anxiety in the Moment

In this episodeā€¦ I answer a viewer question that I’m sure you’ve wondered about as well. We answer what to do in the moment of experiencing high anxiety in a social situation. Something triggers you and…bam! You need to know what to do right then, without bringing more attention to yourself. I share the rationale behind a common technique that…

85. Improve Your Self Esteem and Negative Thinking

In this episodeā€¦ I answer a YouTube viewer question: ā€œHow do I increase my self-esteem and stop negative thinking?ā€ I’m sharing how to increase your self-esteem and overcome negative thinking. Here are some things youā€™ll learn: a strategy to increase your self-esteem, how to stop obsessive, negative thinking, and practical steps you can easily implement for real, empowering results Submit…

83. Loosen Social Anxiety Grip Tap Along

In this episodeā€¦ I share how to loosen the grip of your social anxiety problem, with a tap along exercise. Iā€™ll share a key tool to get you on your way towards confidence in all social situations. Here are some things youā€™ll learn: Ā· Why social anxiety is not the real problem Ā· Symptoms of social anxiety Ā· Feelings and…

82. My Most Embarrassing Social Anxiety Story

In this episodeā€¦ I’m sharing my most embarrassing social anxiety story. I share what happened to me and what I was thinking in the moment, how I eventually overcame social anxiety, and my perspective now. See if you can relate and share your own experience in the comments below. Social anxiety can feel isolating, but you are not alone and…