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You have now re-imprinted a S.E.E. to learn how to do it, you have found and re-imprinted your I.S.E.E., you have tracked down at and changed at least 3 of your most intense S.E.E.’s that eroded your self esteem, you have eliminated your childhood baggage, and you have a list of S.E.E.’s.

Great stuff!

Now before you continue, first have a look at this video. This video will explain to you that your social anxiety consists of a set amount of aspects. And that certain things (example: a look from someone, a certain topic of conversation, someone’s intonation, a certain situations, a smell, a taste, etc) can trigger these aspects.

By eliminating the S.E.E.’s, bundles, and limiting negative beliefs, you are eliminating all the aspects and triggers of your social anxiety.

After having seen the above video, use what you already know to re-imprint at least 3 of your most intense S.E.E.’s from your list of S.E.E.’s.

And once you have completed that, download and read the following PDF file to uncover some of your “bundles” Bundling Baggage Bundles by right-clicking on the link. Then choose ‘save as’ and save it to your desktop

Once you have read the article, do 5 of your most intense bundles of similar, repetitive negative events. So you do 5 different bundles

For example, you can do a bundle on:

  • all the times you were bullied
  • all your negative experiences with your mom/dad/sibling/teacher/uncle/aunt/etc
  • all the times you were rejected
  • all the times you embarrassed yourself
  • all your failures and disappointments
  • all the times you were humiliated
  • all the times you felt ashamed
  • all your social disasters
  • all your sexual failures
  • all the times you were disapproved of
  • A specific period in your life where you felt really bad about yourself/ashamed about yourself (when you got acne, when you first got glasses, etc)
  • A specific period in your life that was for some reason really difficult (moving to a new country, going to a new school, going to high school, puberty, etc)
  • etc

Once you have created a bundle using the advice in the article “Bundling Baggage Bundles”, use the video “Bundling Baggage Video” that you find at “#10: Bundling Baggage Childhood & Self Esteem”