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Social Anxiety Solutions Products

Eliminate Your Fear of Judgment Webinar Coaching Series

Tap Along With These Coaching Sessions And Release Your Social Anxiety


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Most People Fail To Beat Their Social Anxiety Because...

They can't do it on their own. Even if they've studied tapping and know it very well.

They're not able to clear the subconscious resistance to change. They can't uncover and release their blind spots. They end up going in circles and get STUCK. And then think they're a tough case and worry "tapping doesn't work for me".

But in reality, they simply cannot resolve it on their own. They need outside help. But not everyone can afford that.

If this speaks to you, you're going to LOVE what I have available for you:

Eliminate Your Fear Of Negative Judgment Coaching Series'.

These are five 90 min long replays of live coaching webinars I did with Mahsa.

All you do is watch the coaching sessions and tap along. Observe Mahsa's powerful transformation you'll have your own social anxiety issues triggered automatically. And as you tap along you get rid of your fear of judgment and massively reduce your social anxiety.

ENJOY Watching And Tapping Along

Watch as Mahsa releases her social anxiety step by step. Laugh and cry along. Experience powerful 'cognitive shifts'. Feel inspired by her beautiful transformation. And enjoy the massive relief from tapping along.

Relate And Release!

See Mahsa feel anxious and hear us talk openly about her SA issues. You relate to it even though yours are unique and different (yet very similar).

Finally Get Real Results From Your Tapping 

Even if you're already a tapping expert... there is a limit to what you can achieve on your own with tapping."Even the best surgeon can't remove his own appendix"These sessions help you discover the subconscious blind spots in the way of your social ease. Which results in big breakthroughs on your journey.

What Others Are Saying

I’m loving these coaching sessions.

I loved this. I’m feeling the most positive change after this video.

It’s crazy how similar my problems are to Masha’s. I remember a time when I thought I was the only person with these issues.

I can’t wait for the next video. I’m loving these coaching sessions.

Thanks for doing this Seb and Masha.


I have noticed a significant improvement in regards to not worrying about what people think of me...

"I’m very grateful for this. I was almost worried that I might not care enough, and that I might say something that may offend someone or let myself go, appearance wise, but then I quickly realised I wouldn’t do that. One of the things I dread at work is having meetings. I attended one a couple of days ago and although I did initially feel a little bit anxious It did pass quite quickly and I was able to speak out more than I usually do without the usual symptoms of my heart beating faster and sweaty palms. Which feels pretty good, and I feel determined that to keep on improving. I’m so glad I discovered you and am grateful for what you do. I’m looking forward to watching replay #3"

I now believe that I'll become socially at ease with anyone, with natural eye contact no matter the circumstance.

"After having one or two shitty encounters or feeling a bit anxious with eye contact (that is my biggest problem) and understanding that the other person perceived it, starts bringing up a bit of shame, sadness and frustration. I think that causes me to have a negative spiral of insecurity and a feeling of "I cant do this". That starts worsening my anxiety mostly with the eye contact. I participated in this series. It felt very powerful. I believe this therapy is fixing me inside. I'm not sure if I already accept my SA, but I know that what happens in life is for a good reason, and I accept it in that way. Thank you both Seb and Masha for this. I really appreciate these videos. It’s hard for me to bring up the emotion when I’m on my own just thinking about it. I started the session about 3 and finished about a 1. Feeling much better."