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68. Leading Psychology expert shares her wisdom on EFT versus Exposure Therapy

In this episode…

I interviewed leading psychologist and EFT Energy Psychology pioneer Dr. Patricia Carrington, PhD. She shares the difference between EFT and Exposure Therapy. And we look at what might be a far more effective approach to overcoming social anxiety than the “face your fears approach”.

In this interview, she shares her wisdom and opinions on:

  • What Exposure Therapy is and why it’s less effective than EFT
  • What EFT is and what to expect when you use it to overcome your social anxiety
  • How you can take EFT to the next level
  • The future growth of EFT that we can expect

Dr. Carrington’s Bio:

Dr. Patricia Carrington PhD is a leading psychologist and one of the pioneers in the field of EFT Energy Psychology. She was formerly on the faculty of Princeton University, worked as a clinical professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey and has since 1987, that’s about three years after I was born been, she’s been a leader and teacher of EFT tapping. She’s the author of leading book in this field called “Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping: A Revolutionary Method for Stress-Free Living”. And she’s well known in the EFT community for her EFT choices method. So, Pat thank you very much for making it to the show

Quoting Dr. Carrington:

“EFT is a hands-down more effective than Exposure Therapy. You’re going to get people who if they haven’t tried EFT, a large proportion of them, a large proportion are going to about eighty percent I would think are going to benefit from it where they didn’t before.”

Dr. Carrington’s Website:

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