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In this episode…

Man we’re living in a crazy world, don’t we?

And I’m actually busier (running this challenge) than I am when there is no worldwide virus going on. With so much added free time now(being alone these days, in lockdown in the Philippines)…

… how the hell can I be busier than ever?! Well, it’s by choice.

I’m loving running these. I feel inspired to bring this to you.

Anyway, I just wanted to briefly talk to this common issue of “no time right now”.

What this really means, is “this is not important enough for me right now”.

Let me give you an example.

A rather extreme one, but still.

If you got a phone call saying that someone you love is in the hospital. And you need to come visit right away…

Will you say “no sorry, I don’t have the time right now”


See, where you choose to spend your time is a matter of priority.

And what I’m asking of you, is to make this challenge your priority.


Because the benefits you will get from joining, and doing the simple, good-feeling exercises every day…

… will significantly reduce your social anxiety in 30 days.

And, this will improve the quality of your life.

And, that improvement is FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

So given that context, is 20min a day not worth your effort?

If even half of what I’m saying is true, wouldn’t it be worth your time?

I’m sure you’ve got lots going on. I do too.

But is it really true that you can’t have 20min to yourself, in the 16 hours that you’re awake?

Make this a priority.

You’ll be so happy that you did once your in the middle of the challenge.

You’ll be grateful for the choice you made to participate.

And you’ll be excited about the progress you’re making. And you’ll go “thank God I made this a priority!”

In today’s episode, hear what happened with some more people, who decided to make the previous challenge a priority.

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See you inside, Seb

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