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In this episode…

Believing it won’t work for you is the most common concern people have.

Everyone believes they’re a tough case!

Makes total sense when nothing you try resolves your issue, doesn’t it?

When you try something that is supposed to work, and it doesn’t…

… what does that do to your belief that ‘you’ll overcome it?

That’s right, it adds doubt to it. And it puts a crack in the slight optimism you may have had.

Try the next thing, and it doesn’t work again? Now you really start feeling there’s something wrong with you.

Try even more, and that also doesn’t work?

“Uh oh, I must be a tough case”

Or you might even start believing you’re just an anxious/awkward person!

Well, that’s not true. You’re not born anxious.

If you doubt that, have you ever seen any anxious babies?


And, what if what you’ve tried in the past simply hasn’t been an effective solution? Or at the very least, not an effective solution FOR YOU.

And, what if that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you?

Instead, it just means you haven’t tried the right approach for you. The 30-day challenge guides you through a completely different strategy.

The ACT approach you’ll learn about…

… does NOT require you to forcefully face your fears.

A.C.T. sounds like you have to act physically. Which might imply you need to go outdoors and hopscotching in the park. Or sing in the supermarket. Or lie down in public. Or…

Well, good news: None of these awkward exposures are necessary.

I know, I know…

It’s counter to what you’ve read and heard the so-called experts say.

They say you need to force yourself to face your fears. And that it’s the only way.

Well, how do I say this nicely…

They’re wrong 🙂

They’re not intentionally wrong. I’m sure they mean well. But they’re simply operating based upon old information.

Now the reality is that changing your thoughts and facing your fears does work. For SOME people. And, to some degree only.

Because those for whom it does work, are still anxious!

Just less…

Now that’s great, but what if you could actually overcome your social anxiety completely?

That’s possible with this approach.

This approach is gentle. And scientifically proven to be effective (more than 100 scientific studies confirm its effectiveness). And it meets the criteria for evidence-based treatments set by the American Psychological Association for a number of conditions, including PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)

So… Since you’ve never tried THIS strategy, and it that has worked for countless others…

… what if this could work for you too?

During the challenge, you’ll see various video testimonials. Complete interviews with former sufferers whom I coached to social ease. This will be very inspiring for you to see.

Sure, you might still go “well, it works for them, but probably not for me”. And that’s OK.

But that belief too will start to shift as you begin seeing real results after applying this technique you’ll be guided through. Just like how it went for these 2 people whose comments I am sharing in today’s Testimonial Tuesday.

The next 30-Day Social Confidence Challenge will start on May 18th / in 6 days from now!

Hope you’re becoming more hopeful, because I’d love to see you join us!

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PS When I used to say to my coach “it just seems too good to be true”… … she’d reply “What if this is too good NOT to be true?”

Ponder that 😉

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