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17. How to stop worrying and take control of your mind

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In this episode…

Phil shares two simple and effective techniques you can use immediately to let go of worrying and release stress. He talks about how Neuroplasticity and how we can systematically and quickly start changing our brain pathways.

He says: “Anxiety relies on triggering sympathetic nervous system consistently, which is the part of your nervous system that is all about fighting beasts. It triggers adrenaline, it triggers cortisol, noradrenaline and dopamine as well… but is is very linked to the speed at which we talk.

Your breathing is linked to your internal voice speed. Slow your internal voice speed down and your breathing will slow down. Slow down your breathing and your nervous system will start to settle and get back to balance.”

Phil’s bio:

Phil is a Master Trainer of NLP, Expert in the psychology of health, happiness & genius, Hay House Author, PhD Researcher and Designer of the Lightning Process.

Quoting Phil:

“ If you start to use the pathway towards calm more and more then what will happen is the connection to the stress pathway will start to fade. The gap will increase between that pathway and the stress pathway. And, the gap between that pathway and the happiness and calm pathway will get smaller. And so more and more nerve pathways will start to develop into happiness calm and relaxation. ”

Phil’s empowering resource:

Get the life you love now – Phil Parker

Phil’s favourite quote

Remember, not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck
-Dalai Lama

Phil’s website:

Phil’s website is here

Other resources mentioned

Check out his “Essential NLP podcast
” here
Phil parker’s “Neuro-plasticity simplified video is here
And find his “lightning process” here

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