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The Structure of Social Anxiety Disorder:

In case you want to study the graphic in more detail, or make one with your own unique fears and beliefs, you can download a copy Here.

And after having seen the above video, you see that at some point I talk about subconscious resistance. That part is such an essential element in overcoming your social anxiety that is deserves further explanation. I go into more detail on it in the following two videos:

Go watch them here:

Nothing Works To Overcome Your Social Anxiety Disorder? Part I

Nothing Works To Overcome Your Social Anxiety Disorder? Part II

Are you now starting to understand why it is that you’ve been stuck, and why nothing you have tried to overcome your social anxiety permanently has given you the results you’re after?

It was a major puzzle for me, but since I had committed myself to feeling completely calm and at ease around anyone and in conversation, I kept going, and eventually I’ve been able to solve the puzzle.

Now there are more pieces to it, but I hope you have gotten a lot of value out of what I have shared with you so far.

Some of the main essential pieces you have learned so far are that:

  1. You are still stuck because you have a subconscious resistance to change. And you now know that until this is resolved, you can never be completely free of your social anxiety.
  2. You have also learned that your social anxiety is nothing more than a bunch of negative limiting beliefs. And that by changing them to positive supportive beliefs, you will resolve your social anxiety.
  3. You have learned that in order to destroy these negative limiting belief you, a key action to take is to change the negative life experiences where you learned these negative limiting beliefs to neutral/positive memories.
  4. AND, you learned that EFT is the powerful technique with which you can achieve all of this.

Now if you liked the information you’ve been getting on these pages, you will absolutely love the free social confidence and experiential EFT tapping audios and videos I have for you once you sign up for my newsletter.

Because for each of the things you have learned, you will receive practical action steps that you can apply immediately. These action steps will help you make huge leaps towards releasing your social anxiety permanently.

As soon as you sign up I’ll send you:

  1. A PDF where I go in-depth on subconscious resistance, explaining why you will never overcome your social anxiety unless you uncover and move past your (subconscious) resistance. Plus, I also give you 7 guided EFT audio tap alongs (over an hour of guided EFT tapping) that help you move past resistance.
  2. My video with an in-depth explanation on the structure of a negative limiting belief. This demonstrates to you visually how to systematically get rid of deeply ingrained beliefs (and as you know by now, social anxiety disorder at its core is nothing more than a bunch of negative limiting beliefs) such as:

    • I’m not good enough
    • I’m weird/different
    • People don’t like me
    • I’m unlovable
    • I need to be perfect to be accepted
    • People are mean
    • I can’t trust people
    • Etc.
  3. A powerful video teaching you how to safely eliminate a Significant Emotional Event.

    This comes with a troubleshooting FAQ and specific written instructions on how to permanently eliminate all the negative emotions from S.E.E.’s (traumatic experiences) from your past.

    By knocking these out you are literally destroying some of the building blocks of your social anxiety dungeon, which makes you feel more peaceful, confident, and less anxious.

As you follow along and apply the steps I teach you in the free videos and audios you’ll receive, you will become less and less anxious and more and more confident.

Just put your name and email address below and hit sign up and you will receive the first email immediately.

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