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What happened at the workshop?

He asked me some painful questions.

He eventually had me talk about how I didn’t have a girlfriend.

How I did not have sex for a long time.

All of this in front of the other people.

I felt extremely embarrassed and ashamed.

As I was feeling this, he instructed me to apply the technique.

And then…

It worked.


As I was talking and applying the technique at the same time, a strange thing happened.

I felt a shift inside of myself.

I FELT the change happen inside me.

It’s difficult to describe what actually happened.

Or how it felt.

But the best way I can describe it, is that a drain that was plugged got pulled.

And the negative emotion flushed away.

I literally felt the shame and embarrassment dissolving.


In place for that came a relaxing, peaceful feeling.

After just a few minutes I could talk about it without any shame or embarrassment.

I couldn’t even bring the embarrassment and shame back.

No matter how hard I tried.

I could hardly believe it.

I had come to a place of acceptance.

Now I wish I could tell you that this was the end of my social anxiety disorder.

But this was not really the case.

After this initial shift, it was a long journey with a lot of effort, persistence and a ton of money (borrowed from my mom who got a second mortgage on her house for me).

I worked with 8 different top-level practitioners of the technique.

It took a lot to clear my social anxiety disorder.

It turned out I was quite a “tough case”.

And people with social anxiety disorder all fall in that category.

I tell you why in a second.

And I’ll also tell you what this technique is.

I’ll go into the depth of what I learned in the past 6 years as you keep reading.

See, the basics only get you so far.

If you only learn the basics, you might get 10% of the whole deal.

And that’s a shame, because by applying it in the right way you can fully overcome your social anxiety disorder.

When I first learned about it and I heard there were whole workshops to learn it, I emailed them to ask why.

Because a 10 year old can learn the basics in 5 minutes.

Well, it turned out the technique is only part of the game.

It’s like only having a hammer when you are building a house.

Obviously, you need a blueprint. And bricks. And cement. Wood. Nails. And so on.

In a similar way, there is a way of applying this technique in the right way to overcome social anxiety disorder.

There are a few essential distinctions you need to address in order to get permanent results.

I say this because people with anxiety who learn about and don’t get instant results often give up on it.

They toss it away as “yet another thing that doesn’t work for ME”.

They believe that it’s a placebo (It’s not. It works even on skeptics).

Or a distraction technique (Nope, you actually need to focus on your problem).

Or a relaxation technique (True, when you don’t apply it in the right way).

Which is why I want to teach you what you need to know.

There is right way of going about it.

I’ve dedicated the last 6 years of my life to mastering it.

I went deep.

I faced all my fears using this technique.

That is, I faced them INTERNALLY.

I didn’t have to force myself to do the thing I feared.

I no longer had to sit through the awkwardness.

That’s the beauty of it: You face your fears internally.

And you get rid of them.

And then once the fear is gone you face the social situation you USED TO FEAR.

And you comfortably broaden your comfort zone.

And raise your confidence.

When done in the right way, the results are permanent.

I call it a Non-Scary Exposure. More on this later.

There’s a lot more to discover before we get to that point.

Because it’s not as easy as “think about what you fear and apply the technique”.

I worked with many of the best practitioners in the world.

I switched coaches so many times because a social anxiety disorder was not something any of them had any experience with.

Which is why I made a profession out of it once I overcame my own social anxiety disorder (SAD).

I progressed and got more and more confident after each session, but it took me a long time to become anxiety-free.



That’s another outdated understanding that’s out there:

“You will always be dealing with anxiety. You can only manage it”

Not true.

Thanks to the technique I’ll share in a moment, I’ve been anxiety-free for years and many of my clients are at that place too.

It’s not an overnight transformation.

Not at all.

This is not a magic trick. It’s not a quick-fix.

However, it’s not hard.

And overnight progress is common.

Massive progress within weeks.

And with persistence, applying the technique in the right way, you can become completely anxiety-free.

I’ve been completely immersed in the study of social anxiety and the solutions to it for over a decade.

I went deep.

I’ve spotted common patterns in clients.

Strategies that work consistently.

And essential steps to take in order to overcome anxiety permanently.

I’ll be presenting this to you step-by-step, so you understand it properly.

A key part that is the beginning of this structure is essential to achieve permanent social confidence.

You will understand why once you read it in the PDF below (click on the image to open the PDF) :

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