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In this post, I’m sharing more with you about something really exciting that I’ve been working on.

I’ve condensed years of research from the best of the best, all over the world, and am offering free social confidence training that you can sign up for here.

I’m going deep into the psychology of overcoming social anxiety in this free series and that is what I’ll be talking about here.

Go from not knowing what to do to about your social anxiety problem to gaining access to a clear path to overcoming it, with me there to guide you.

Get excited, spread the word, and I’ll see you on the inside of the free series!


Sebastiaan: Hello this is Sebastian from and in this week’s video I’m going to tell you a little bit about what is coming or actually what is happening right now. So, in the past years I don’t know exactly how long but I’ve been working on a way to condense all the information that I’ve gathered over the years overcoming my own social anxiety and coaching socially anxious clients for the past nine years. So, I’m 33 as this is recorded and I started looking for solutions to social anxiety when I was 17-18.

I didn’t know that I was suffering from social anxiety at the time, but I did know that something was off. I’ll spare you the whole journey here but basically, I went on a search to overcome my own social anxiety tried a whole bunch of things but eventually found things that started working and I continued studying. I studied with the best EFT masters I could find, I worked with my own coach for the past seven years every week, I had and have a mentor who’s a psychotherapist it was a therapist to therapists. And I’ve continuously studied various books. I have done workshops in man… in six, seven different countries. You know, I flew all over the place to try to get the best information from the best people and I’ve all applied that to my own clients. And I constantly found out, “Okay, what works? What doesn’t work? What is just a bunch of fluff and what is actually something that works across the board all the time over and over and over?” Like what are the actual truths? What are the psychologically sound principles that really work in overcoming your social anxiety?

And you know it’s so much information that you know I do these weekly videos, but I talk for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. I can only give you a little blurb in those 10 and 15 minutes. To actually give you everything would require a lot more. But I’ve been working that for the longest time and I’ve now been able to put together a free training series called “How to overcome your social anxiety without forcefully facing your fears” And I’m super excited about it because now it actually has the psychology behind why this works. And I think it’s really gonna rock your world.

I go very deep into you know what beliefs are. If you’ve been following my work for a while you know how I talk about social anxiety is the result of the fight flight freeze response having gotten activated. And that response is the body’s biological response to a perceived threat.

So, the problem that we’re having with anxiety is your brain is perceiving a threat and then your brain reacts by activating this defense response that prepares your body to deal with the threat that it perceives. So, you can then either fight the danger that it’s seeing if you can win and you think that’s your best option. Or you can run if you can’t fight it and you’re fast enough or you play dead. You know, you freeze if you have neither option. And well, the activation of that response is really the problem.

Now what causes that perception of threat? Well, it’s limiting beliefs. And so far, I’ve you know, I’ve explained it this far but I’ve not gone deep into “Well, what actually is a belief? Where does a belief come from?” And better yet, “How do you systematically get rid of a belief completely so that it no longer affects you at all?”

You know, so, I go deep into the psychology of that in this free video series. In fact, in the first free video that is available right now while you’re listening to this and you know, it’s really amazing. You also seen ever never-before-seen footage in there from my personal files from when I was in the Philippines. I’m working with the worst you know, with the trauma victims who survived a super typhoon Yolanda the worst storm to ever hit land. You’ll see footage of my mentors there. It’s amazing, it’s gonna rock your world.

If you’ve ever felt somewhat empowered or inspired by any of the videos or YouTube’s or podcasts that I’ve done, this is gonna take things you know, you’re gonna let it to the next and next and next level. I’m very excited about this because this is the best of my work combined all neatly packaged. I’ve taken me such a long time to put this together.

Everything has been proved read by my mentor psychotherapist Dr. David Lake. This is really going to you know, knock your socks off. So, really, I encourage you to go check that out. And you can check that out by going to… And it’s live right now. So, you know, you can check it out immediately and you can go to and that will bring you to a sign-up page. The moment you sign up you immediately get video one. And that video is going to rock your world, going to knock your socks off and it’s gonna make you feel really excited because you’re gonna see why it is that you can overcome your social anxiety, how you can do it and I think you’ll feel very inspired and empowered afterwards. And you’ll learn a lot of things that you’ve not heard me talk about ever before.

So, go check that out now and thanks, spread the message and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye for now.

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