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Hi, my name is Sebastiaan van der Schrier and I’m an ex-social anxiety disorder sufferer.

Since 2009 I’ve been working as a social confidence coach with hundreds of socially phobic clients, for thousands of hours, guiding them to social confidence.

I’m also the host of the popular podcast show in iTunes called “Social Anxiety Solutions” where I interview thought leaders of both Western traditional psychology as well as Eastern energy psychology to uncover their best solutions to social anxiety.

I’ve been able to put the information in this E-book together as a result of my own transformation, more than a decade of study of social anxiety and the solutions to it, modelling top therapists, thousands of hours of me coaching clients, and over 500 hours of apprenticeship under top therapists.

The info in this E-book is not your typical change your thoughts, face your fears, CBT advice.

The information I share here will help you understand why your efforts to overcome your social anxiety so far have been futile.

I share with you the most effective technique that I’ve used to overcome my social anxiety, AND I’ll teach it to you on video.

And after you’ve absorbed the information in this E-book you’ll have a basic understanding how you can overcome your social anxiety completely.

The foundational information you’ll get in and of itself can be life-transforming, yet is just the tip of the iceberg.

Since many people tell me they can relate to my story, let me give you a brief summary to start of…


My Story

At age 5 my dad died. My mom was left with me and my 1 year old sis. My mom became emotionally cold. We fought all the time. I was the problem child. I hated my stepdad whom my mom met when I was 7. He was super strict and mean. He didn’t like me either…

I was walking on eggshells all the time, worrying about the next thing I would do wrong. There was constant fighting in the house between me and mom, and mom and him. And I felt I was blamed for everything.

Eventually I was placed outside the house when I was 11. I went to 4 different schools before the age of 12. I lived with my uncle for a year because my mom and I couldn’t stand each other.

From around age 11 or 12, I had Social Anxiety. This progressively got worse

Around age 16 it got really bad. I was constantly anxious, feared becoming anxious, and had a big problem with blushing.

I was especially anxious being in groups of people.

When the attention was on me, I’d often blush.

I felt intimidated by guys that were stronger than me. I was very awkward with girls I found attractive, and I was noticeably insecure and anxious around people that were popular.

I blushed when I was disapproved off, or when I did something “uncool”.

I felt anxious around most of my friends.

Socializing was often very try-hard as I overcompensated by pretending to be “cool and relaxed”, while I was actually very anxious.

Due to all this discomfort socially, I started to avoid more and more social situations.

I smoked a lot of weed, drunk a lot when I couldn’t avoid a social gathering, and in weekends I came up with excuses to avoid going out.

I often stayed at home in my room by myself, feeling deeply lonely.

I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. And that it was me against the world. I saw myself as a big loser and was convinced that others thought of me as a loser as well.

I “knew” that most people didn’t like me, and that they were always waiting for an opportunity to make me look bad.

I felt insecure, anxious, and I was horribly afraid of becoming embarrassed.

I was ashamed of who I was, I disliked most people, was terrified of my future, and to say that life was a living hell would be an understatement…

For the longest time I had no clue what was going on with me. I just knew that it sucked, and that I was often overcome with intense emotional pain I did not know what to do with.

When I did some random online test around age 17, I was linked through to some sales page for a dating program. I ended up buying the dating course.

Aside from techniques on how to talk to women, I was given some psychological insights that massively empowered me.

I realized that what was going with me was a result of my inner psychology, and that I could overcome these challenges.

I was taught that when I “simply” changed my negative limiting beliefs I would overcome my anxiety. This change in my perspective gave me great hope because now there was something I could DO about my situation.

It turned out not as simple as I had hoped though…

But I committed myself to do whatever it took. To keep going until I was anxiety-free.

I swore to myself I’d make it happen. No matter what.

I was given some resources to change my beliefs and found plenty of my own. I worked through countless books, tapes, self-help and different forms of therapy

I worked with an NLP Master, I tried hypnosis, I used the CBT techniques, I did horrifying exposures I was absolutely terrified to do (more about these soon), but nothing truly helped.

For years I struggled to get results.

The common understanding that was hammered into me, was that “facing my fears” was the ONLY way. I did that, on various occasions. But it wasn’t enough for me to get lasting results.

I couldn’t do these scary exposures consistently.

I was super anxious days in advance in the knowledge I was going to face my fears.

I wouldn’t be able to catch sleep days before the dreaded exposures. And even when I did them, the confidence I gained from them was short-lived.

In a few days I lost my painfully gained confidence.

But I felt there had to be a solution. So I just kept working on changing my beliefs by doing affirmations, journaling, changing my thoughts, facing my fears on occasion when I mustered up the courage, hypnosis, and whatever else I could get my hands on.

I made only very slow progress. And I often felt like I was going nowhere…

In 2006 I eventually stumbled unto “EFT” (Emotional Freedom Techniques – more in this E-book).

This is a strange looking tapping technique that combines Western Psychology with ancient Chinese medicine. It’s like acupuncture, but instead of using needles you tap with the tips of your fingers on specific acupressure points on your face and body while simultaneously focusing on a problem.

As you do apply EFT while focused on a problem, the negative emotions connected to the problem reduce, and eventually release.

I know, hard to believe…

And when I first saw it I thought it was complete nonsense, probably some internet scam.

But, I was curious (or desperate) enough to do some research online. I found tons of info teaching the basics for free.

I also found hundreds of videos of people sharing the basics, forums dedicated to it, and thousands of testimonials of people claiming it worked where nothing else had worked to resolve their long-standing issues.

I decided to give it a committed try.

Since this was far too big to be a scam, I decided to make it work for me. Or at least find out with 100% certainty it would not work for me.

It wasn’t working for me at first.

So after a few months I eventually decided to work with an EFT expert.

I took a workshop and here I experienced a profound emotional shift.

In the workshop we were taught the technique (super simple, and I’ll teach it to you over a few videos soon). We were then going to practice in dyads, one practitioner, one observer, one client.

As the practitioner I witnessed the lady I instructed to do EFT release her intense sadness rapid quick.

When it was my time to be the observer, I watched the other lady reduce her fear in minutes.

Amazing to observe for the first time. What I had seen on all the practice videos from the EFT courses I had bought I now saw live.

But when it was my turn to experience the effects of EFT, they were stuck.

I thought “great, yet another thing that doesn’t work for me…”

They called in the workshop leader.  

He then asked me some probing questions, and I ended up sharing in front of all of them that I couldn’t get a girlfriend, or had not had sex in a long time.

As a guy in my early twenties, this was my most humiliating secret.

I felt totally ashamed and embarrassed and became bright red.

He then instructed me to start the EFT tapping.

As I did, I literally FELT something shift inside me. The shame and embarrassment started to rapidly dissolve.  

Within minutes I went from ashamed and embarrassed to totally calm and peaceful.

This was pro-found.  

It was like a plug was pulled from a drain, and all the emotion flushed out of my body.  

After this I felt deeply relaxed.

He asked me to try to get the shame and embarrassment back, and I couldn’t. Not even when I tried my hardest! I could talk about it in front of everyone and was completely relaxed.

This might sound dramatic, but it was life-transforming for me.

I had never experienced such profound relief in such a short time. None of the other techniques and therapies of the 5 previous years had ever achieved that…

Now this shift certainly did not resolve my social anxiety.

But it did already reduce it a bit.  

I felt less anxious overall, and in certain situations that would usually make me blush uncontrollably, I had a bit more emotional control.

And that shift I experienced that day lasted.

More importantly, it was such a profound experience for me that I knew EFT worked. I then decided to study EFT and use it to resolve my social anxiety completely.

I’ve since then paid a ton of money to undergo therapy sessions from various EFT Masters and experts.

It took a lot to resolve my social anxiety. None of the experts suffered from it themselves so they couldn’t relate. But, I was still making progress each session.

And eventually, with a lot of persistence, I’ve gradually managed to overcome my social anxiety completely.

I’ve now been anxiety-free for years. And I’m calm and at ease in social situations.

I now actually enjoy socializing, I connect with others effortlessly, and it’s just become something that’s normal. I don’t think about it, it just happens naturally.

I’ve created a great social life with fun, loving people whom I enjoy spending time with. I feel free to be myself and have a social life that’s fun and satisfying.

And while it’s been a long journey to get here, it’s been SO worth the effort.

Now this might sound far from possible for you at the moment.

When you’ve been suffering for long, it can seem like you’re a “tough case” and you’ll suffer forever (most people with social anxiety think this).

But with EFT you can gain relief quickly.

Most people that start EFT experience relief within just a few minutes.

Yes, minutes.

Note that I say “relief”.

To overcome your social anxiety is a different story than experiencing relief.

Social anxiety tends to be a complex issue to overcome. If you don’t know how to address it, you can end up going in circles, even with the power of EFT tapping. …

You can free yourself of it. But, but there is a way of applying it to your social anxiety that gets you poor results, and there is a way that gets you great results.

The rest of this E-book is an introduction to how to you get great results that last.

Read all I have to share. Absorb it. Listen to the podcasts where I interview the psychologists, therapists, and psychotherapists.

And most of all… actually DO THE EFT TAPPING!

You will overcome your skepticism of it working by EXPERIENCING it for yourself.

I’ve got a whole free video series dedicated to giving you a powerful experience of EFT. In this video series I first teach you EFT, and I then guide you through an experience of it.
In this 11-part video series you will get the tools too:

  • Easily release most negative emotions
  • Reduce some of your social anxiety
  • Create a more balanced emotional state and have more emotional control
  • Experience more peace and calm in your life

Just learning the basics of EFT I teach in the video series, and the basic overview on how to become anxiety-free I share in the rest of this E-book will already give you ways to reduce your anxiety, and gain more emotional control.

And, when you decide to go deeper and you persist, you can become anxiety-free too.

To get the rest of this Ebook and the free video series on how to use EFT to overcome social anxiety, put your name and email address below and click “get my free EFT course”.

I’ll then send it over immediately and you’ll have it in your inbox in minutes.