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“Is my insomnia related to my Social Anxiety?”



In this episode, Sebastiaan will be answering the following question:

“I have insomnia. Is this related to my social anxiety?”

Watch the full video as he addresses this concern based on:

  • A scientific study about the association between insomnia and social anxiety
  • His personal experience and that of his clients

Watch it now to understand more about these two issues.

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I have insomnia…is this related to my social anxiety?

This is a question I got from someone, and I’m going to answer that as best as I can in this video.

Hi, my name is Sebastiaan van der Schrier, Social Anxiety Disorder sufferer — former. And I’m a Social Confidence coach.

I help people feel relaxed, at ease, comfortable, chill, and playful in social situations.

And in this question, I’m going to give you my personal experience, and that of have a couple of clients that I’ve worked with within the past 12 years.

Let me start out by reading to you the following that I found by my good friend – Google!

This was from a research study. It goes:

“Consistent with expectation, social anxiety was associated with increased insomnia symptoms. Specifically, social anxiety was correlated with sleep dissatisfaction, sleep-related functional impairment, perception of a sleep problem to others, and distress about sleep problems. Importantly, depressive symptoms mediated the relationship between social anxiety and insomnia, thereby at least partially accounting for insomnia among socially anxious individuals.” 

Reference: Buckner, J. D., Bernert, R. A., Cromer, K. R., Joiner, T. E., & Schmidt, N. B. (2008). Social anxiety and insomnia: the mediating role of depressive symptoms. Depression and anxiety25(2), 124–130.

So basically, what this is saying is that when you’re suffering from social anxiety, it’s more likely or easier to also deal with some insomnia problems.

Now, definitely, not all people deal with insomnia when they also have social anxiety.

And so insomnia, I see it as a separate issue.

They’re related to each other, and social anxiety can make it worse. But insomnia is something that you want to see as a separate issue.

And ideally, you work with someone who can address both of these issues.

And just from personal experience, have I laid in my bed worrying about who I was going to run into the next day or this party that was coming up? Or what decision should I make or so on? Have I worried about not being able to get to sleep in time and therefore being super tired the next day, and therefore feeling more anxious? And therefore being less able to deal with things properly? Yes, of course. Have I worried about my sleep deprivation, how that’s being perceived by others? No, because I haven’t had real insomnia.

I don’t exactly know how to address insomnia because I don’t specialize in that.

But someone who specializes in insomnia can help you address insomnia. That’s why I’m saying they’re separate issues.

If you come for social anxiety, I know how to address that.

Maybe when social anxiety is addressed, insomnia decreases; maybe even disappears as well –  I don’t know. I’ve never had a client who has reported that.

So there you go.

In other words, I don’t really know. Again, this is just my experience. But since you asked, this is what I can tell you, I think they’re separate issues, and you want to get the right kind of assistance to address that.

And addressing the anxiety is likely going to do a lot of good for insomnia because you become calmer. You’re no longer worried. And you can use the same techniques that you’re using to neutralize your anxiety, to neutralize your worries about insomnia, the worries that you won’t fall asleep, the worries that you’ll have this insomnia problem forever, this worry that you’ll die because of sleep deprivation, and so on and so forth.

So basically, get started. Find the right kind of assistance, and I wish you all the best.

This is Sebastiaan.

Bye for now.

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