Yes, I'd like to overcome my Social Anxiety!

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Interview Flow

I. Intro

I welcome the listeners, introduce the topic of the day and I introduce you as the expert of the day. I will read out your Bio. I share how the topic of the day relates to social anxiety and my experience with it (brief) and then we start the interview.

II. Topic of the day

I ask you the below 4 questions, and we have a 15-25 min. discussion on the topic.

  • What exactly is -topic of the day- and where does it come from?
  • What does it take to overcome -X-?
  • I ask the question you want me to ask (that you have emailed me) regarding the topic
  • I ask the most popular question chosen by the listeners regarding the topic

III. The Inspiration Round

During “the inspiration round” I’ll be asking you for some stories as stories is what our listeners will be able to relate to.

Depending on what you prefer (which you can share with me via email, or before we start the interview) I either ask you for:

(A) your personal social anxiety experience,
(B) your experience working with a socially anxious client, or
(C) your experience overcoming challenges with the topic of the day.

Ideally, we want to hear not just the facts of what happened, but especially how you (or your client) felt, what you experienced, the sights, sounds, sensations and so on. We want to be there with you, like we were there with you.

  • A. In case you have suffered from anxiety yourself, I ask…

Can you share with us your worst experience with social anxiety?

  • B. In case you have had success working with a client with social anxiety, I ask…

Can you take us to a time where you worked with a client who overcame a truly devastating social anxiety issue and share with us the process of transformation he or she went through?

  • C. In case none of the above applies, I ask…

Can you share with us an inspiring story of how you or a client of yours overcame the challenge with -topic of the day-?

  • “Many social anxiety sufferers have tried many things to overcome their social anxiety, but have made very little progress, if any. They fear they will have to live with their social anxiety for he rest of their lives, and are frustrated to their core…”What can you say to someone who feels that way to provide hope and perspective?

IV. The Solutions Round!

I know you have a big toolbox of tips, techniques, strategies and solutions. In this round we’re going to focus on uncovering what some of these solutions are, and how to apply them to the topic of the day.

  • As a coach/therapist/healer, what is the most effective therapy tool you have in your coaching toolbox that people can self-apply today?
  • Can you share with us the story of how you got into contact with it and what it has done for you in your life, and for your clients?
  • Regarding this big challenge what we just discussed, what is the most powerful solution you suggest for this?

V. Final Empowerment Round:

Me: “To empower people on their sometimes challenging journey from social anxiety to social confidence, I have two more quick questions for resources before we say goodbye.

The journey to social confidence gets better each step we take forward. But, it can be challenging at times, and we can use all the inspiration and motivation we can get our hands on…”

  • Can you please share with us a book, movie, biography, youtube video movie or resource you recommend that is empowering, and share why you chose that one?
  • Please leave us with where we can find out more about you, and then end by sharing your favourite quote with our listeners that empowers them.

I round up, summarise lessons learned, remind them of one action step today, and ask you where guests can find out more about you.