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If I skip tapping on certain pressure points, is it still going to be effective?



Got any questions about tapping?

In this video, I’ll be answering the question:

“If I skip tapping on certain pressure points, is it still going to be effective?”

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A question about tapping is what I’m going to answer right now.

My name is Sebastiaan. I suffered from a whole bunch of Social Anxiety, which sucked for a long time. And then, I discovered some technique called tapping, EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques. I used that to overcome my social anxiety.

This is a long time ago.

Since then, I’ve been helping people using this technique to overcome their social anxiety.

And I’m on this mission to update social anxiety treatment worldwide because just Cognitive approaches are just a small part of the puzzle.

Because overcoming social anxiety is mostly an emotional journey.

Anyway, that’s a different story.

The question is:

Of this tapping technique, how do you do it?

Or rather, the question is, and I’ll read it out.

Hello! Yes! Actually, I have a question. I’m wondering if it’s sufficient to tap on the middle of the eyebrows…

I think he or she means [here] in between the eyebrows so that you cover both points because it’s actually on each side of the body. And it’s right there. So, he talks about tapping like that.

…side of the eyes, under the eyes, under the nose, on the chin…

Which is not the chin. They call it chin point, but it’s the bottom lip – the indent here.

…and collarbone…

Which is actually not on your collarbone, but underneath your collarbone. Your collarbone starts here and ends in this thick knob.  And underneath there, between that thick knob of your collarbone, and your top rib, there’s a little indent – that’s the point.

So, if you tap on those points, he says:

…and you skip the other pressure points, is that still okay?

And the answer is:

Yes, that’s totally fine.

Because if you tap five or six more points, you’re going to get results. So, 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 (tapping points), that’s going to be fine.

So, it’s okay to do that.

Now, there are more points:

  • Under the arms
  • Liver point. Liver point is here. It’s usually associated with anxiety. So, I would use it.
  • These as well. Wrist point, tap there.
  • And then top of the head. These points are used often as well.
  • Then there are the finger points, which are on the outside of the nail bed of the thumb, right there. And you tap on the nail bed. And inside of the nail bed of the fingers.
  • And then there’s this point. [Karate Chop]

They’re a bunch more points.

But the main ones, he’s skipping a couple. He’s suggesting skipping a couple just doing this [middle of the eyebrows], this [side of the eyes], this [under the eyes], this [under the nose], this [chin], and this [collarbone].

And skipping this one [under the arms]. And skipping this one [liver point], and skipping this one [wrist point], skipping this one [top of the head].

It’s okay to do that.

Yes, no worries.

Right. I hope it was helpful.

And I’ll just give you a little quick bit of background.

So, EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques had a forerunner, and that was Thought Field Therapy.

Roger Callahan developed Thought Field Therapy, and he was a psychologist/psychotherapist.

And he discovered after studying Chinese medicine that certain points on the body were connected to certain organs.

And he noticed that emotions and feelings are connected to these particular organs.

He had a client who had a significant water phobia. And he tried all of the techniques. And it didn’t do much for her at all.

And eventually, in his experimenting with this lady. “well just tap onto your eye, while you think of water and notice what happens.”

And that fear sensation for her while tapping on the eye started to decrease rapidly. And she’s like, “Oh, my God, it’s gone.”

Like a one-minute miracle, the ones that you might have heard about that almost never actually happened.

That’s how things started.

And then he was like, ‘Oh, wow. So, these tapping points are connected to particular feelings in the body. And when we tap them, you’re going to release the emotions and the feelings associated with what it is that you’re thinking about, and it’s going to be released in the body.’

Now I’m butchering the story a little bit.

But this lady then cured her lifelong water phobia.

And it was to the point where she couldn’t even bathe herself properly and was afraid of the swimming pools, and she never went to the swimming pool, couldn’t get close to the swimming pool. She couldn’t swim, obviously. So, she was not going to be jumping into it because she remembered that she couldn’t swim.

But she was not afraid of the water anymore.

And so, then he was like, ‘Wow, this is amazing. Let me experiment with this.’

And he then came up with all sorts of algorithms for particular issues.

For stopping smoking, it was, for example, like a tap on the beginning of the eyebrows, tap on the side of the eyes, under the eyes, tap your collarbone, chin point, collarbone under the arm, top of that deep breath.

Okay, you have low self-esteem, tap on the side of the eyes, under the eyes, collarbone on top of the head under the arm.

I’m just making this up as we go. This is not the actual algorithm.

But that’s how TFT was put together.

And so, there were particular algorithms for particular problems. And he then started offering these workshops for $10,000 per workshop.

And then Gary Craig comes along, a Stanford engineer, and his mind is thinking very strategically. He sees that there’s this algorithm, you need to do this for that, and that for that, and this for the other, and he’s like, wow, that’s very complex, how can we simplify it and apply it to more people?

And then, he created a standard algorithm for all issues, and that became standard EFT.

And it’s like, in the karate chop, even though I have this problem, fill in the problem. I deeply completely accept myself—a setup statement.

And then I think the original tapping points are the beginning of the eyebrow side of the eyes, under the eyes on the nose, under the chin, and the collarbone on the arm. And maybe top of the head.

I’m not even sure if that was part of it. It’s been a long time that I studied that. And that’s the general algorithm.

And many variations have come from that sense. But the tapping points are generally still the same. My mentor, and his best mate, psychologists, and a psychotherapist they’ve experimented with it a lot.

And they’ve told me, and this is also my experience after experimenting with a lot, that if you tap on five or six points in succession, you’re also going to get a result so you can choose which ones.

For best results, tap on all the points that I tap on those I tap on.

Right hope this is helpful, and I’ll connect with you very soon.

If you have a question, leave it underneath this video, or send it over to

Alright, bye for now.

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