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What do I do when I find multiple S.E.E.’s when following along with the audio to uncover my I.S.E.E.?

Go with the first thing that comes to mind. When multiple S.E.E.’s come up, choose the S.E.E. that came to mind first. If you don’t know which one came up first, just guess. By guessing you’re bypassing the conscious mind, and your guess is usually on target.

When you’re in doubt between one or two S.E.E.’s, simply clear both. Don’t worry about doing this exercise perfectly, or not uncovering and clearing your I.S.E.E.

The S.E.E. that came up was the one that your subconscious brought to mind for you to address at this time. It could be the I.S.E.E. or it could be an S.E.E. that needs to be cleared before you find your I.S.E.E. Whichever it is, focus on the fact that you did the exercise and move forward in the system.

I suggest that you don’t clear more than 2 S.E.E.’s at this step. Move forward to the next step in the SCS once you’ve cleared the S.E.E. you suspect is your I.S.E.E. (or two S.E.E.’s when you’re in doubt).

You can always come back to this section later on once you’ve completed the other steps of the system.

What do I do when no S.E.E. comes to mind when I do the exercise?

Likely, you’re trying too hard. And you’re putting too much importance on uncovering your I.S.E.E.

If you don’t initially uncover your I.S.E.E. that’s OK. You will still get amazing results with the rest of the steps of SCS. Remember, sometimes there is no I.S.E.E. And, sometimes it will come to you later as you have done more of the steps in the system. For now, don’t worry about it, trust that things will be OK and fall into place as you do the rest of the steps, and skip this step for now. After a while, you can come back and do the exercise again.

What about suppressed Memories/Trauma when you try to find your ISEE? How do you find out about that? (Wouldn’t it be possible, that one has an ISEE that he would never find out?)

If there is a repressed memory, it will show itself eventually. It will come to the surface once it’s safe enough. As you find S.E.E’s and you clear them it becomes more and more safe to go deeper and heal older, perhaps more painful wounds. If there is an I.S.E.E. that is suppressed, it will likely come to the surface at some point. Persistence is the key to your success (and getting help from an expert, if need be).

For now, simply assume that the S.E.E. that comes up in the section “Initial S.E.E.” actually is the I.S.E.E. Clear it and move forward in the SCS. You can come back to the section later to try again. 

When working on an SEE, is it ok to work with the video one day and do the other steps in the SEE-PDF the next day?

Yes. No problem.