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How To Stop Blushing

I know how to stop blushing. That’s a bold statement, I know. But I really do.

I have searched for a solution to facial blushing for a long, long time. I have also felt the extreme frustration of having this major problem. And not being able to figure out how to stop blushing.

I have read, listened to and applied a lot of different techniques. I bought eBooks, listened to hypnosis tapes, went to an NLP practitioner and did all I could to overcome it. I spend tons of money on it.

Most of the advice I got was pretty good advice. And it helped a little. But the effects were either just temporary or took a long time to actually start having effect. The psychological strategies I found to be effective are displayed on this page.

From all those things, hypnosis has been the most effective. Hypnosis can be very effective, yet you need to find someone who is very skilled and experienced to help you out.

My advice would be, if you decide to try out hypnosis, that you take the time to find a hypnotists with success in the area of blushing.

However… hypnosis is, in my opinion, blown out of the water by another technique I found. It is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

I stumbled onto this a few years ago.

Their premise is that all negative emotions exist because of a disruption in the body’s energy system. And by tapping on specific meridian points, you can clear out this disruption. Once the disruption clears, along goes the negative emotion.

This sounded too good to be true, but it was worth giving it a try. After some persistence I started seeing some results. And the more I got into it, the better the results got.

I am now an advanced EFT practitioner myself and have cleared all my blushing issues. I am free of this now. Completely.

And you can be too.

EFT looks very weird to say the least. It is a psychological form of acupuncture. But instead of using needles we tap with our fingers on specific meridian points. This sends little electric shocks through your energy system which balances out the disruption. This in turn clears out the negative emotion.

As you have read in How Facial Blushing Influences Social Anxiety, shame and embarrassment is causing you to blush.

Since shame and embarrassment are negative emotions these can be cleared with EFT.

EFT is a relatively new technique and it has a very high success rate. I bet that you will be at least skeptical at first when you see it, because it is out of your current belief system.

But EFT always works. And if you know how to use it properly you will also know how to stop blushing. You can do it yourself, it’s a self-help tool. But if you’ve been struggling with facial blushing for a long time you might need the help of a qualified practitioner.

As I said I am an advanced EFT practitioner myself and since October 2009 I offer my coaching package online:

If you want to completely overcome your social anxiety disorder, getting coached by me personally (from the comfort of your own home and the ease of sitting behind your PC) have a look at the specifics of my 1 on 1 Skype coaching package Social Anxiety Coaching!

In case you want to read a bit more on EFT, I suggest you have a look at their official website.

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