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How to overcome social anxiety – John’s testimonial



No More Social Anxiety!

A few months ago, John reached out to me. His Dad had recently died and he did his father’s memorial service and spoke in front of 1200 people. Feeling totally at ease. He had suffered from severe social anxiety for over 2 decades. And overcame it during our 2-3 months of coaching together.

Now, a few years later, this was a profound time in his life. He said he felt called to inform me about his amazing changes.

When I replied and asked to interview him, he happily agreed.

I think you’re going to really love this interview.

John shares his incredible changes.

His social anxiety started in his early teens. And it progressively got worse.

He says, “It got to the point where even around my closest friends, I’d be screaming inside from discomfort. Sometimes I’d sweat too much my shirt is drenched, my face was drained…

I dealt with shame, blushing, eye twitching, any symptom imaginable.”

John saw psychiatrists, was on medication, did a famous CBT program for people with SA. Nothing helped.

He shares how he experienced our sessions together. He also explains the profound change he made after a session where we used PSYCH-K; a different energy psychology modality I use when coaching clients.

He describes his current social experience as ‘content’.

He’s made such profound changes that he’s now in training to become a counselor himself.

How amazing!

Go check out my super inspiring interview with John in this video.

If you are serious about overcoming your social anxiety…

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