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How To Be Self Confident Permanently

Yes, how to be self confident p-e-r-m-a-n-e-n-t-l-y…

This is a totally different story. I’ve experienced this myself and I’ve coached people on their social anxiety disorder. I would help them get rid of their anxious feelings, but because I didn’t treat the low self esteem issues, the social anxiety would get triggered again.

So the answer to the question “how to be self confident permanently?“ is…

… work to achieve high self esteem!

Let me explain.

Someone with social anxiety disorder, in my experience and research, most often also suffers from low self esteem.

So when the social anxiety is gone and you still have low self esteem, you still feel like crap because you have this negative self image and limiting beliefs about yourself.

Your identity is not the identity of a confident person. So the key is to change your identity to that of a confident person. And you do that by changing your negative beliefs about yourself.

So to uncover those negative beliefs, ask yourself:

  • What do I believe about myself?
  • What are negative beliefs my parents/siblings/important people to me/teachers have taught me?
  • What negative beliefs do I have about myself?

Here are 5 examples of limiting beliefs social phobia clients tend to have:

  • I am not good enough
  • Other people are more important than me
  • I don’t like myself
  • I’m weak
  • I must be perfect

These beliefs are all directly related to your identity. If you have beliefs like these, they will cause you to be low on self esteem.

And building self confidence will likely not get you very far.

You need to change those identity beliefs. Because even when you do the progressive desensitization techniques, and you gain

confidence, your subconscious will simply get rid of the confidence because of those identity beliefs.

It will reject the newfound confidence.

It doesn’t feel deserving of that confidence, it doesn’t feel like that confidence belongs to you.

Techniques On How To Be Self Confident:

What you want to do is use positive affirmations, afformations, self image exercises and above all EFT to get rid of your negative identity beliefs.

These help you to overcome your Irrational beliefs and change them in positive ones.

Once your have positive identity beliefs, and as a result a higher self esteem, your confidence building exercises will strengthen those positive identity beliefs and your confidence will stick.

How to be self confident? Change your beliefs!

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