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I first saw it demonstrated on a youtube video.

I thought it was complete nonsense.

It was a technique to rapidly release negative emotions.

It looked plain weird.

I was convinced it was some sort of a scam.

So I ignored it.

But out of sheer frustration and loneliness after another weekend smoking weed alone at home, and panic thinking I’d stay like this for the rest of my life, I came back to it a few weeks later, desperately hoping it was for real.

I checked out the video again.

And the guy in the video demonstrating it was sharing it for free.

Still, I was skeptical.

I Googled it to see if it was a scam.

What I found was thousands of testimonials.

People claimed it worked where nothing else had worked.

That they resolved their long-standing issues with it.

There were hundreds of videos on youtube.

I then checked out online forums dedicated to it.

People were raving about it.

This was way too big (and popular) to be a clever scam.

I decided to try the technique out for myself.

I studied the basics (which are very simple to learn and use, but are only a small piece of the puzzle; you need to know how to apply the technique in the right way to a complex issue like social anxiety, which I’ll share later on…) and I tried it.

It didn’t work.

But I had seen so many testimonials and raving reviews that I was convinced it had to work for me too.

I was determined to MAKE IT WORK.

I now know from successfully using it with my coaching clients for over 5 years…

… that getting results with this technique is quite a bit different when you’re dealing with social anxiety.

More on this soon.

I studied some more.

I devoured all the information I could find online for months.

I figured out what I may be doing incorrectly.

I studied all the troubleshooting.

And then I tried again.

And again…

And again…

And still no luck.

I then studied even more.

Read on forums.

Asked for advice, everything.

Nothing made it work for me.

But I persisted because I felt it was my last resort.

I eventually went to a live workshop in the Netherlands.

If this technique really worked, then it had to work here.

After instructions it was time to practice in triads (one practitioner, one “client” and one observer)

Everyone got results except me.

So we called in the workshop leader.

And he started doing this technique with me.

He asked me some probing questions.

He eventually had me talk about how I didn’t have a girlfriend.

Or how I did not have sex for a long time.

All of this in front of the other people.

I felt extremely embarrassed and ashamed.

As I was feeling this, he instructed me to apply the technique.

And then as I was talking and applying the technique at the same time, a strange thing happened.

I felt a shift inside of myself.

I FELT something changing inside.

It was like the plug of a drain that was plugged got pulled.

And the shame and embarrassment flushed away.

I literally felt it dissolving and myself becoming calmer.


In place for the shame and embarrassment came a relaxing, peaceful feeling. A calm acceptance.

After just a few minutes I could talk about it without any shame or embarrassment.

I couldn’t even bring the embarrassment and shame back.

No matter how hard I tried.

I could hardly believe it.

I had come to a place of acceptance.

Now I’m sure your “bullshit alarm” is on full tilt right now, as this is hard to believe.

I was very skeptical even after I read all the testimonials, but the EXPERIENCE of it instantly eliminated all my skepticism.

And that’s what is happens for others too. Which is why in a moment, I’ll give you an experience of it.

Anyway, that was just the beginning of my recovery.

I wish I could tell you that this was the end of my social anxiety.

But this was not really the case.

After this initial shift, it was a long journey with a lot of effort, persistence and a ton of money (borrowed from my mom who got a second mortgage on her house for me) invested in quality help.

I worked with 8 different top-level therapists, practitioners of the technique.

It took a lot to clear my social anxiety.

It turned out I was quite a “tough case”.

And most people with social anxiety think they fall into the tough case category.

That is because social anxiety creeps into every area of your life. Because it sucks so much you can’t stop thinking about it. And when nothing works when you focus on “beating it” you can feel tremendously stuck.

But not being able to overcome it has very clear reasons.

Overcoming your social anxiety using this technique in the right way isn’t hard if you know what to do.

It’s just a matter of putting in the time and doing it.

More in a minute…

Anyway, after this initial shift I was committed to use this technique to overcome my social anxiety.

And thanks to some brilliant therapists and a lot of study and persistence, I’ve been fortunate enough to get where I am today.

Being comfortable and at ease around others is now normal.

I’ve been anxiety-free for years.

I say anxiety-free, but that’s a generalisation.

I have gotten anxious in the last year. But only a handful of times.

And, that was not in common-day situations, but in situations where I was massively outside my comfort zone.

When I did things I had never done before. In a few of these situation, I got anxious.

But, I used the technique afterwards to the underlying reasons for the anxiety.

And in doing so, I became comfortable in these situations too.

I’ve expanded my comfort zone in that way, and these new situations are now included in my comfort zone too.

This is hard to believe I’m sure, but read on and I share how I did that, and how you can likely achieve the same.

See, I studied under some brilliant therapists and psychotherapists. I’ve been dedicated to the study of this technique for the past 7 years, and to overcoming social anxiety for 12 years.

And I’ve been coaching almost solely socially anxious clients since 2009.

Thanks to this I’ve uncovered a lot of shortcuts to social confidence.

In the article below I’ll share12 shortcuts to social confidence.

I go into a bit more depth on what I learned since I found the technique.

I’ll teach you the basics of the technique with you over a series of short videos.

You can then start using it immediately and benefit from its effects.

Now you will need to learn more than these basics I teach in the video series in order to overcome your social anxiety.

But the basics I give you will be a great start.

With it, you’ll be able to release some negative emotions.

You might be able to relieve some of your anxiety.

And just these things alone can already be life-changing.

But using just the basics won’t resolve your social anxiety.

It’d be like being lost in the jungle and trying to try to return to civilisation by “just going straight”.

Overcoming social anxiety is a complex issue if you don’t know what you’re doing, even with a technique as effective as this.

To get “out of the jungle”, you need a blueprint and roadmap, a compass, ample water and food, and a tent to sleep.

You need to learn how to apply this technique in the right way to the underlying causes of the social anxiety.

Now with the right mindset, a clear blueprint, and knowing how to use the tapping in the right way…

… it’s not painful, or difficult.

It takes time, dedication and persistence.

But if you’re willing to put in the effort you can get there.

The question is:

“how willing are you to put in the work to beat your social anxiety?”

Because especially people with anxiety that learn about this technique often give up too quickly.

If they don’t get it to work instantly, they toss it away as “yet another thing that doesn’t work for ME”.

While the actual problem isn’t that it doesn’t work for them, but that they aren’t applying it in the right way to the right issues.

If they do get it to work instantly (and most people feel relief within minutes) they’re pleased, but think “ah, nice relaxation technique, I’ll try that when I feel anxious”.

But they fail to understand the power of it once applied in the right way.

And so they too lose out.

And then there are the quick-fix junkies.

They browse the web looking for the latest new “social anxiety solution”.

And they believe the hyped up sales pitches out there.

Many people are in such pain they’re just looking for the next quick-fix.

But there is no such thing.

Most people are reluctant to spend the time it takes to tackle their social anxiety.

With this technique, applied to the right issues, you actually CAN overcome all of your social anxiety.

And relief happens quickly.

It’s not a placebo (you don’t have to believe in it for it to work).

And it can finally bring you the relief and freedom you’ve been looking for.

But it takes investing the time necessary to learn this properly.

If that’s you, I’ll share with you 10% of some of the best I’ve learned the last decade (including the technique).

It’s in the article below.

And, this is just a small part of the blueprint.

But it’ll open your mind to how you will free yourself of your social anxiety.

This will forever change your perspective.

You’ll feel empowered and inspired to take action.

Click on the image below to open the PDF.


As you’re reading this I’m assuming you’ve read the article.

You’ve used the link to go to the videos series where I have taught it to you and have guided you through an experience of it.

(if you’re reading this now without trying it first, go back now because the experience of it is key -you can NOT think yourself out of your social anxiety)

You’ve experienced some emotional relief.

You might feel lighter. More optimistic.

You’ve learned what it takes to become “anxiety-free”

You know you can make overnight progress.

And that most people can release the bulk of your social anxiety in a few weeks.

But you also understand there’s no such thing as a quick-fix.

It takes effort.

And you are willing to put in the effort.


That’s half the battle!

Let’s continue by having a look at the blueprint to social confidence…

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