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On this page you find all the information you need to fully prepare you in the best way for your upcoming journey to feeling good about yourself, and safe calm and confident around others in all social situations.

Here you will find:

  • 1. A client form to download which you can then send to me using the contact form
  • 2. A link to my online schedule to book a coaching session or schedule an intro-talk (which is easy to do and discrete; only I will be able to see your name and the time and date we will meet, no one else can see anything of your details)
  • 3. A short introduction to EFT -the main technique that we will be using to release all your fears, beliefs and negative emotions
  • 4. Seven videos that explain to you exactly how we overcome your social anxiety disorder. In the coaching sessions I will then guide you through the process step-by-step so you become less and less anxious, and more and more confident and loving of yourself
  • 5. Two videos and an audio tap along based on EFT to start the process already, quite possibly causing you to get a better understanding, and feel a level of acceptance which probably causes you to feel some relief and already a bit better about your upcoming confidence
  • 6. A video to calm down anxiety right now
  • 7. A video that teaches some EFT tricks to deal with anxiety in social situations
  • 8. A video to watch in case you feel anxious about getting coached by me online (which can be relatively anonymous, as I won’t have to see your face on camera if you prefer not to)

1. Download The Client Form Here

Download the PDF file “Social Anxiety Solutions Client Form” here. Do this by right-clicking on the link. Then choose ‘save as’ and save it to your desktop.

Please complete if thoroughly and then copy everything and use this contact form to send it to me.

Also feel free to ask any questions you might have. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

2. Book Your Coaching Session Or Intro Talk Here

To make things easy, I have an online planner so you can pick your own time and date to meet with me. Go here to make an appointment

Booking an appointment is discrete; I am the only person who has access to seeing your name and the time and date we will meet.

If you have any challenges with booking an appointment, you can also contact me directly using this form (click on this link)

3. What is Emotional Freedom Techniques:

For more info and scientific proof, visit this page where I have collected research being done on how EFT works (includes videos where EFT is being used on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder suffering war veterans and scientific research)

It’s the most powerful and effective technique I have found in my long search for the best techniques, tools, strategies and therapies…

It’s now being used by millions of people worldwide, it’s recommended by doctors, psychologists and PHd’s and it’s also being endorsed by more and more famous people (Jack Canfield, a psychologist and the author of the “Chicken soup for the soul” books, that have sold over 100 million copies worldwide, Deepak Chopra and many others -it’s even been introduced on the Oprah Winfrey show a few weeks ago-)

Me teaching you the basic tapping points of EFT

The Seven Videos That Change Everything

#1. What is SAD and how will we resolve it?

Please watch all of the seven videos so you know what is going on with you, and how you will systematically get rid of your social anxiety disorder.

Even if you have already seen the videos once, be sure to watch them all again. It’s key information to understand.

SCS video #1/7 : What is SAD really?

SCS video #2/7 : Socially anxious map of the world

SCS video #3/7 : Joe’s limiting beliefs

SCS video #4/7 : Why we believe what we believe

SCS video #5/7 : Social Anxiety is a SKILL

SCS video #6/7 : The Structure of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

SCS video #7 : Overcoming Social Anxiety with EFT

5. Create Acceptance NOW

Most often when we’ve had social anxiety for a long time, we have associated our identity with the anxiety. It’s common, and often happens automatically, but this erodes your self esteem tremendously.

Follow along with the 2 videos and the audio tap-along and get to a place of understanding and calm acceptance.

And now after having watched and tapped along with the two videos, follow along with the audio tap along:

6. EFT to Calm Down Anxiety NOW

This video helps you to calm down your anxiety IF you are feeling anxious in this moment right now.

7. Techniques To Reduce Anxiety When In Social Situations

This video helps a little bit for reducing some of the anxiety you feel when in social situations. Be aware that this only dealing with the symptoms of the anxiety, not the root causes of the anxiety (in 1 on 1 sessions we deal with the root causes).

Since you only deal with the symptoms, you need to tap every time in a social situation, plus there is only a reduction, not the elimination of anxiety.

However, you are likely to at least feel a bit more calm!

When you get rid of the roots of the social anxiety -which we do in sessions- you eliminate the anxiety completely and permanently and you will longer need techniques such as these.

8. Social Confidence Coaching Anxiety Buster Video

If you feel anxious about getting coached online by me, follow along with the below video. Aside from that, keep in mind that I am not judging you negatively at all. To the contrary, I have compassion and the utmost respect for you taking charge to get rid of this. I know it’s scary…

I was in the same position as you are in. I know this is not you, but the anxiety that you’re struggling with.

At the start of our first session we immediately use EFT to calm you down completely so that the rest of our coaching goes in a calm state of mind. I really try to make this as easy and comfortable as possible.

Choose From 2 Coaching Package Deals:

Platinum Package Ten 90-minutes ONLINE social anxiety coaching sessions to cure social anxiety disorder for $1150,- plus the Social Confidence System plus unlimited email support.

Diamond Package Three 90-minutes ONLINE social anxiety coaching sessions to cure social anxiety for $397,-

Whichever coaching plan you choose, I promise you will be happy and satisfied with the changes.
I back this promise up by my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

ALL clients that purchased my coaching have noticed a significant lessening in their level of social anxiety, and some have completely solved their social anxiety disorder.
That is why I guarantee results.

Also, if at any point you feel socially confident enough to quit and you have coaching sessions left over, you can just let me know and I’ll refund the price of your remaining sessions. And of course, if you’re not satisfied with your Skype coaching, I’ll refund the entire cost of your program.


Now I am able to be relaxed and have fun in social situations without letting fear or anxiety ruin it for me. Talking to people and going out doesn’t sound like a nightmare and I no longer worry about it weeks before the situation because I know everything is going to go well and I will have a great time. And I do.

Cesar Portillo

Click here to read full testimonials from social anxiety sufferers who have taken my one-on-one coaching program to cure their social anxiety.

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Before you commit to one-on-one coaching, you can chat with me via Skype (you can IM me, I’ll be speaking and will be on webcam), Yahoo or MSN messenger. Ask me any question and see if I can help you with your challenges.

If you’re interested in a free consultation, just use the Contact Form below and mention which of the three consultation methods you’d prefer. This is also the place to ask me any questions about the one-on-one coaching options I offer below. I’ll be happy to answer you within 24 hours.