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In this post, I invite you to sign up for my free training video series called “overcome social anxiety without forcefully facing your fears”.

In this training series you will receive the best of all my teaching combined. In the past 15 years I’ve overcome my own social anxiety, and I’ve helped hundreds of socially anxious clients become socially confident.

I’ve also studied, worked with, and interviewed the leading thinkers and therapists from both Western traditional psychology as well as Eastern energy psychology I’ve spent over $120 000 in my own journey and my journey as a social confidence coach. And in this FREE video series I’m going to share with you a summary of the best of all that I’ve learned.

This is going to rock your world. It’ll knock your socks off. If you liked some of my previous content, you’ll be super excited about you’re about to get.

This is me putting everything together in one place.

Here are 3 things that I’ll cover:

  1. Why facing your fears doesn’t work
    And what to do instead that is much less stressful, and far more effective.
  2. Top 5 reasons people fail to beat their social anxiety
    And the solutions to overcome these blocks so you can create rock-solid social confidence.
  3. Step-by-step blueprint to social confidence
    You’ll learn about the 10 steps to social confidence so you know exactly how to get rid of your social anxiety once and for all.

I’ve been working on putting this presentation together for you FOREVER.

You want to make sure you’re part of it. The first training video will be released on July 12th.

Sign up for the free training videos prior to that and you’ll get some extra bonuses with it. And you’re guaranteed to be able to participate.

This isn’t something I will keep online for long as I might turn it into a product. So get in while you can!

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Sebastiaan: Hello, this is Sebastiaan van der Schrier and I’m a former social anxiety sufferer and a social confidence coach. I help people feel calm and at ease in social situations, so they can have a great time, connect with people and you know, create satisfying relationships and an awesome social life.

Now, I have something super exciting to share and that is that next week July 12th I’m opening up a bunch of training videos. So, it’s a series of training videos where I have summarized all of what I’ve learned in the past 15 years looking for solutions to social anxiety and finding them overcoming my own social anxiety and working with hundreds of clients helping them to go from social anxiety to social ease.

So, it’s all in that presentation and it is succinct and it is to to the point and it’s based on science and you’ve never seen it anywhere else and it’s going to knock your socks off. You know, I’m very, very excited about this. This is my best work. It’s taken me… Man, just putting this training together like having all the information has taken me about 15 years to gather…

Actually, putting the training together has taken me since last year, what was it? October, I started so you know, you do the math, seven or eight months to be able to put this together and present it to you in such a way that it’s not only entertaining but that you understand things on a deep level.

So, I have a video online that has almost two million views now and there I explain what social anxiety really is. It’s an animated cartoon, if you’re familiar with my work you might have seen it. Basically, I explain how social anxiety is result of the activation of the fight flight freeze response and a fight flight freeze response is the body’s reaction to the perception of a threat. And that puts your body into survival mode so your heart beating the lump in your throat, your dilated pupils block rushing away from your head and digestive system into your outer limbs, preparing you to fight danger that you’re seeing, run from it if you can’t or freeze, play dead if you can’t do either.

So, that’s what social anxiety is. It’s your body’s natural response to the perception of a threat. And then at the end you know I explained that in an animated video you’ve likely seen it, if you haven’t go check it out. But at the end of that video I tell people, well, in order to overcome your social anxiety, you need to get rid of this perception of threat. And this perception of threat is the result of limiting beliefs, negative limiting beliefs. And then I say all it takes is just to change your beliefs. Change from negative beliefs to neutral or positive beliefs.

And then a lot of people comment that under I think it has like 40,000 or 45,000 comments on that video. And a lot of people comment on their it’s saying, “Yeah, easier said than done.” And “You can’t just change your thoughts”. And they’re right, you can’t just change your thoughts. That’s not going to cut it. You actually need to change your beliefs on an emotional level, but it’s been beyond the scope of a simple video on YouTube explaining how to do that because it’s comprehensive and it’s detailed and there’s a lot to it.

Well, in this video series I’m explaining to you exactly how to do that. I break down how to neutralize these beliefs that cause the perception of danger. Not only that, I introduce you to the social confidence blueprint that I’ve been able to put together. So, over the years working with, I’ve started working with clients in coaching clients in 2009 and I’ve solely worked with socially anxious clients. And I saw that while they were of course unique people with you know their social anxiety manifested in unique ways. It’s not the same for everyone and they have unique histories, but I saw the same patterns over and over and I found myself using the same solutions over and over and I naturally started to put together kind of a blueprint of how the problem fits together, what the psychology is behind it and what the solution is to overcome it including the psychology of change.

And basically, it’s just a map and a social anxiety can be broken down into smaller pieces and the solutions to them are step by step. So, they’re actually ten steps to go from social anxiety to social confidence. And I’m presenting that to you in this training as well. Now I have a mentor and his name is Dr. David Lake. He’s a psychotherapist and he’s got 35 years of practice, he’s in his late 60s is actually semi-retired and he’s the most qualified person that I know. He’s a trainer of trainers, he’s a therapist of the therapists. He’s got four years of psychoanalytic training, 17 years of medical hypnosis. I think close to 20 years of provocative therapy training. In short, this guy is as trained as it can be, and he’s also trained in energy psychology techniques like tapping. He’s a well-known name in the tapping EFT community. He is one of the leaders there in fact even though he is not so much on the foreground. So, he’s very well versed in both fields.

And I asked him to prove read my presentation and he was very, very impressed with it and he’s like “I’m very excited for the people that are going to see this, that are going to go through this with you because I think it’s gonna very much empower them”. And yeah, anyway, this is going to rock your world. As you can see I’m very excited about this because this is 15 years in coming. You know, finally I’ve been able to put this together and this is going to really, really rock your world. Is there anything else I wanted to say that I put down? No, this is gonna be it. Alright. So, it’s time to update social anxiety treatment and I have a strong suggestion that this is going to be you know, that’s the aim. I want to update social anxiety treatment, get rid of the basic standard treatment that is out there and update it with what is possible these days and I hope that this is going to reach a much larger audience.

Alright. So, if you want to get that free training its gonna start on July 12th and you have to sign up before July 12th to get some extra perks and bonuses and you get some emails for me personally and you know, there’s some there’s some benefits to signing up before July 12th. And you can do that by going to the following URL. You’ll see it if you’re watching this on my YouTube channel you can see the link below, if you’re listening to this on my podcast it is So, B-I-T. L-Y/socialconfidencetraining.

Okay, so, let me say that one more time it’s bit, B-I-T. L-Y/socialconfidencetraining. And go there now, sign up and I will release the first video on July the 12th.

Okay. now if you’re seeing this after July the 12th or you’re listening to this after July the 12th still go there and see what happens. You can maybe still sign up. You’ll miss some of the of the extra things that that are there. It’s just not possible technically but you know, you’ll still likely be able to get the training videos unless it’s too late. You know, it’s only going to be online for a brief period of time.

All right, this is going to rock your world. Yeah, go there and I will talk to you soon. Bye for now.

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