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Sebastiaan is an ex-social anxiety disorder sufferer who has coached hundreds of socially phobic clients to social confidence

How to become anxiety-free and feel calm and at ease socially

  • The 2 secrets to freeing yourself from social anxiety
  • The best technique to rapidly neutralise bad feelings
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Dr David LakePsychotherapist in Practice since 1977

In the world of techniques there's nothing like this one as far as I'm concerned, and I’ve looked into all of them, every single one. I think of my therapeutic life and techniques as before I found it, and life after it.

I’m the same person but my results are just phenomenal after it.

Jack Sent via Email

Hi Sebastiaan, it's great to hear about your experience, because for a long time I thought it's only me with this problem. I've just recently found you and then started using your techniques.

I already feel the change, it's brilliant and liberating, I never thought I'll be able to talk to people again without going red in the face for no obvious reason.

So it's been life changing and a relief that I'm a normal person after all and not a weirdo, as I'd been feeling before. I'm happy that it worked for you too and not suffering with SA anymore as where would I be without you :-))