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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about the Social Confidence System:

What is EFT?

Why are my EFT’s results only temporary?

Can I download the SCS?

What if English is not my first language? Will tapping or the SCS still work for me?

I am on X medication. Can I use the Social Confidence System?

I am emotionally numb. I don’t feel anything about my past. I only get triggered in the moment. Now what?

Seb, my life sucks to much. Please HELP!

Do I have to talk out loud when I do EFT?
Can I whisper?

What is better, 1 on 1 coaching or the Social Confidence System (SCS)?

How can I become charismatic/be successful with women (or any other pickup artist related question)?

FAQ’s about 1 on 1 coaching:

Will it be hard or painful?

Do I have to face my fears?

Will I look foolish?

Will this really work for ME?

What is EFT? Is it a placebo?

How long will it take to overcome my SA?

What is the benefit of working with you?

Can I use EFT to solve my SA on my own?

What if I don't know what caused my SA?

I had a happy childhood, why am I anxious?

If the above questions did not answer your question…

For any other questions about EFT specifically, please visit the official EFT website

For any question about your specific social anxiety challenge, please consider booking a 20min intro chat with me, to see if coaching is something for you.

*I cannot give you insight into your issues, or coach you via email.

For any other question that isn’t answered by the above answers yet, please use the contact form below and keep your question to 200 characters or less.

Thank you.

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