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Frequently Asked Questions

01. If EFT is so simple, why would I invest in the SCS?
02. What is EFT and does it really work? And if so, will it work for me?
03. Is EFT safe to use?
04. How do I know I am doing the EFT technique right?
05. What if I get more upset after doing EFT?
06. Will my positive results last?
07. How long will it take to see results?
08. What if English is not my first language?
09. Will it be painful to go through the SCS?
10. Due to my living situation I can’t say the sentences out loud, will the EFT you guide me through still work?
11. What if I don’t know what caused my SAD?
12. What if EFT doesn’t work for me?
13. What if I can’t feel my emotions at all, what if I am totally numb to my emotions?

01. If EFT is so simple, why would I invest in the SCS?

A social anxiety disorder is a complex issue to overcome (if you don’t know what you’re doing) and just knowing the basics of EFT will only get you so far.

After I had learned the basics of EFT (a 12 year old can teach you the EFT sequence in 5 minutes) I was surprised to find a lot of workshops teaching advanced EFT. What more is there to learn if it is so dead simple?

A LOT. EFT is brilliant, but it is only a technique.

If you don’t know what issues to apply it to, how to apply it properly, what to do when you run into trouble, and how to get results that stick, it stays just “a cool technique to calm myself down a bit”.

You can for example use EFT to tap on the symptoms of your social anxiety (the racing heart, lump in your throat, anxiety in your stomach, tight chest, etc.) but when you don’t do the deeper inner healing work first (which you are guided through in the SCS) you will only get temporary, and limited results.

Whereas when you use EFT in the right way and you persist, you can become social anxiety-free completely. For the rest of your life.

You need to know how to apply EFT in the right way in order to get become anxiety-free.

I have dedicated the last 6 years of my life to figuring out how to apply EFT to overcome social phobia. For the past 4 years I’ve solely coached people with social phobia, guiding them out of their social anxiety using EFT. All the insights from 1000’s of hours of coaching and being coached by EFT Masters and my own high-level coach, studying the best therapies out there, and continuous refining of the techniques and strategies that work across the board are put in the System.

When you use the Social Confidence System:

  • You are taken by the hand, led out of the suffering you’re dealing with today. It’s as easy as following the advice, and tapping along with me on audio/video.
  • You are taught exactly how to do EFT in the right way to overcome social anxiety disorder (you’re guided in a safe way, following my lead)
  • You will follow along with a tested way of overcoming social anxiety disorder using EFT (so you know it works and your efforts yield the deepest and fastest results)
  • You will know exactly what to do, what not to do, and why (so everything is crystal clear to you and you won’t make mistakes)
    You won’t waste time (so you make sure that you get the fastest results possible)

02. What is EFT and does it really work? And if so, will it work for me?

EFT is an innovative technique that involves tapping on certain acupressure points while focusing on painful memories, painful emotions, or negative limiting beliefs.

Studies have shown that EFT reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol and increases production of serotonin and other neurochemicals. These biochemical responses help regulate the autonomic nervous system and create a sense of calm.

EFT is used worldwide by millions of people, and is endorsed by PhD’s and MD psychologists.


Curtis Steele, MD, Canada: “EFT® has been, for me, the single most effective technique I’ve used in my 45 years of practice as a psychiatrist. I’ve had success with panic, social anxiety and many other disorders.”


Candace Pert, PhD Author of Molecules of Emotion: “EFT® is at the forefront of the new healing movement.”

EFT has been featured on Dr Oz, Psychology today, Oprah Winfrey network, Larry King, Huffington post and various other media outlets.

For over a decade I have tried anything and everything out there to overcome both my own social anxiety, and once I did –thanks to EFT- to help my coaching clients overcome their social anxiety.

While it looks silly EFT is by far the most powerful technique I have found to permanently overcome social anxiety disorder.

EFT is not a placebo (you don’t have to believe in it for it to work, even if you are a hardened skeptic EFT will work for you.), it’s not a distraction technique (to the contrary, you have to focus on the problem when doing EFT), and when applied in the right way it works for anyone.

03. Is EFT safe to use?

EFT has never been proven to be dangerous in anyway shape or form. EFT is safe, gentle, and easy. Yet when you have severe trauma such as ritual sexual abuse, I recommend working with an experienced, qualified EFT therapist.

04. How do I know I am doing the EFT technique right?

I will teach you exactly how to do EFT in the right way in the Social Confidence System.

I will teach you how to do it, and I show you what to do when it doesn’t initially work, making sure you get results no matter what.

You will be guided through audios and subtitled videos so you will know what to say, where to apply EFT, and what to think about.

I will also give you a tapping formula so you know what to say and how to quickly calm yourself down and control your emotions as you go about your day.

Aside from that I will teach you some advanced, yet easily applicable EFT techniques to shift your perspective, and rapidly change your emotional state to something more positive.

Because you’ll be explained what you’ll be doing and why you’ll be doing it in that way, and because you will notice the feelings shifting inside of you, you’ll feel confident you’re doing it correctly.

05. What if I get more upset after doing EFT?

I have designed the System so that you will experience the least upset possible and still get the most effective results.

When you’re doing the EFT tapping on some issue, it is possible that your negative emotion intensifies for a brief moment. This is not only normal, it is actually a good sign.

What typically happens if that you tune into a painful memory which spikes up a negative emotion. This is great, because it is an opportunity to heal the memory.

Through the system you are taught what it means when you get triggered by something upsetting, you will know exactly what to do to neutralize the upset, and you will know how to benefit from it in the best way (by thoroughly healing the thing that triggered the upset) so you won’t get triggered by it again.

You will be able to treat that memory with EFT, and gain relief on it forever.

I used to be afraid of my negative emotions. Because I didn’t feel in control. I didn’t know what to do. It would send me into negative thinking spirals. But now that I’ve learned what to do, how to apply EFT in the right way, I’m pleased when something intense comes up because it means that my subconscious mind has something for me that requires healing.

With EFT, you can quickly bring down the intensity of the negative emotion, and eliminate what triggered the upset.

06. Will my positive results last?

Your social anxiety is merely a symptom of a deeper underlying problem. The deeper underlying problem is that your subconscious mind perceives danger in social situations:


Since your subconscious mind perceives social situations as dangerous, it responds by firing off its automated, built-in response to (perceived) danger: the fight, flight or freeze (FFF) response.

This leads to the anxiety symptoms:


This perception that certain or all social situations are dangerous is something that you have learned throughout life. And this is also something you can unlearn.

In the Social Confidence System we step by step chip away at the underlying causes of this perception of danger in social situations. You will be taken by the hand and led to uncover and overcome the negative limiting beliefs that cause your subconscious to perceive social situations as dangerous.

As a result you will start to feel stronger and more confident inside, more in control, and step by step you start feeling more and more safe in social situations, and therefore less and less anxious.

Once your subconscious mind no longer perceives any danger in social situations, it won’t fire off the FFF response. And so there won’t be any anxiety symptoms either. In other words, once your subconscious no longer perceives social situations as dangerous, you’re anxiety-free.

By going through the 9 actual steps in the SCS, you are step-by-step eliminating the reasons for why your subconscious mind is perceiving social situations as dangerous. Every step you take you get one step closer to the end goal of your subconscious perceiving you to be safe socially:


Because you will be addressing the underlying causes, and not just the symptoms (though you will also address and overcome all the symptoms), your results are permanent.

07. How long will it take to see results?

While EFT is fast and effective, and while you will feel it working the moment you start with it, a social anxiety disorder is something that takes persistence and effort to overcome.

And I have various exercises included in the system (overcoming procrastination, increasing motivation, and inspiring action) to make sure you keep going until you have the results you want.

You’ll feel relief the first EFT exercise you do. It is likely that as you put in the recommend 30 min a day, you will start noticing subtle, or more profound changes within about a week. And you can expect a progressive reduction in the severity of your social anxiety within a few weeks.


First off I’d like to just say you’ve done an amazing job here. I bought your system two days ago and I’ve noticed a difference already.

After doing the exercises my head feels so clear. For a long time I had all this anger and frustration and psychologists couldn’t help me get rid of it. Your system dropped it down from an 10 to a 0 in a day.

A truly thankful customer,
Joshua S.

With persistence, you can become completely anxiety-free. Once your subconscious no longer perceives danger socially, it won’t fire of the fight, flight, freeze response and you therefore no longer experience anxiety.

08 What if English is not my first language?

That’s not a problem. I am Dutch, and English is my second language. I work with coaching clients from all over the world and all our sessions are in English.

The subconscious mind automatically does the translating for you. You don’t need to do EFT in your own language.

09. Will it be painful to go through the SCS?

We purposely bring up the negative emotions so we can address them head on. While you will be guided to bring up negative emotions so we can neutralize them with EFT, it won’t be painful for long (we’re talking about seconds here) because the moment a negative emotions comes up you have EFT to start bringing the intensity down.

As you do, you’re eliminating the building blocks of your social anxiety. You’ll feel in control because you know exactly what to do.

By eliminating them in this way they won’t surprise you at moments you don’t want to become upset.

You are guided to bring them up in the comfort of your own home, and then you’re instructed on video on how to release them by easily following my lead.

10. Due to my living situation I can’t say the sentences out loud, will the EFT you guide me through still work?

Yes. The words you say are merely intended to maintain your focus on the negative emotion. You can either whisper the words, or say the words out loud in your mind.

11. What if I don’t know what caused my SAD?

This is what the Social Confidence System helps you to uncover. Unless it’s obvious, it’s perfectly normal that you don’t know. Most people don’t know. In the system I explain what commonly kick-starts the social anxiety, you get tons of examples of clients’ causes, and I have audio guidance to help you uncover what caused it easily.

12. What if EFT doesn’t work for me?

EFT works on anyone, when applied in the right way. The whole focus of the SCS is you applying EFT in the right way to overcome your social anxiety.

The system has been available since end 2010 and I have continuously updated and refined it based upon feedback from customers. Currently –Nov 2013- this is version 8.0.

Here’s a testimonial from that first version of the SCS.


As someone who has been suffering in silence with Social Anxiety for a good 15 years, getting progressively worse the older I get, I was getting to the point it was affecting me on a daily basis and living in fear everyday of what was going to happen was extremely frustrating and really getting me down and I felt so frustrated and angry as it was holding me back from all the things I wanted to achieve in my life and being the real me.

After trying a few self help things on the internet that were a complete waste of money I was beginning to accept that this might be the way my life is always going to be, as I couldn’t afford to go and see a hypnotherapist/EFT practitioner.

Although I had heard how powerful EFT could be if you knew what you were doing. Then luckily for me I stumbled across Sebastiaan who I really can’t thank enough for creating such an amazing self help program.

When I started using the program about a month and half ago I was a little skeptical and I think I underestimated the power of these EFT techniques he guides you through.

But I kept an open mind as I wanted nothing more than to find a cure for this.

After literally just a couple of sessions I truly felt a release inside me somehow, I can’t quite explain it. This of course did not solve my social anxiety by any means, but did release something…

… and feeling this power of these exercises really gave me the motivation and positivity that finally after all the searching I may have really found something that I can use myself and can really help me overcome this anxiety once and for all!

Sebastiaan has made the program so step by step and easy to follow, you really can’t go wrong. All you need to do is read the information and follow along with the video’s and audio’s.

I will say for this to work you do have to be persistent, your anxiety is not going to disappear in a couple of days..

It’s much more complex than you think, there are a lot of layers you need to go through and you do really need to dedicate yourself to clear all of your social anxiety. But as you work through it you will experience changes and shifts and gradually the triggers of your SA will get less and less and this really does give you the motivation to keep going.

I finished using the program only yesterday after 30 days testing and I can honestly say I feel my social anxiety has really improved to 95% maybe even completely…

I can’t tell you that for sure yet as I have only just finished the program and I haven’t been in a situation to trigger my anxiety yet, but what I know for a fact is that while working through the program my trigger situations were getting less and less and my confidence to speak out was rising and now when I think about certain situations that would normally make me anxious I can’t make myself feel anxious.

That really is an amazing life changing feeling, I feel like a different person.

I would recommend this program to anyone without a doubt, the content and life changing value you will receive is priceless! You will be glad you gave it a go, I know I am! 🙂


When you put in the effort, and you follow the thoroughly tested step-by-step roadmap I have laid out for you, EFT will work for you.

And if it really doesn’t work for you –which is highly unlikely- you can ask your money back as I offer a 60 day money back guarantee. You risk nothing.

Also, if it doesn’t work and the troubleshooting tips also won’t allow you to get it to work –again, highly unlikely- you can email me directly (my contact details are in the system) and we’ll get it to work for you.

13. What if I can’t feel my emotions at all, what if I am totally numb to my emotions?

In that case I don’t recommend you get the system. You may very well still get results and relief, but when you are totally numb to your emotions, it will be really challenging to do by yourself.

I have dealt with this myself when I initially found EFT. And I at times work with clients who are numb. This numbness doesn’t mean that you’re just a person who “can’t feel emotions”, it means that you’ve likely experienced a lot of endured emotional pain and to protect you from all that pain your subconscious has (temporarily) shut of your capacity to feel emotions about the past and/or future (and you just get triggered in the moment).

In this case, I recommend working with an experienced practitioner who has successfully dealt with this. I can help you with that. I typically use a technique called Matrix Re-imprinting, and a combination of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Pro-EFT.

Here we work visually, and do a lot of “inner child work”.

I have had great success with non-feeling clients and as an ex non-feeling client I am fully able to feel my emotions today. I’m grateful for having a rich emotional experience these days. And with persistence, I feel confident I can assist you to getting there too.

For the details of my 1 on 1 coaching, go here.