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Who: Eight of you struggling with social anxiety will join me (and my buddy Tom) on an exclusive, intimate and profoundly transformational experience.
What: For seven days, we’ll take the most amazing shortcut from social anxiety to social confidence that exists. You’ll have amazing adventures and profound connections you never thought were possible.
When: April 2019
Where: In a beautiful resort in Ubud, Bali
Why: So you can become OK with all of You and to get to a place where you can truly CONNECT with others.
How: There will also be workshops every day. But it will be very little information, and for the most bit be experiential. Think 5% info, 95% experience. Because you don’t need more knowledge… You need to shift these issues that are holding you back.

Some 5 years ago me and my buddy Tom were sitting in our favorite cafe, in Chiang Mai Thailand, sipping on a latte.

Both having traveled all over Asia and seen what is possible, this is when we first started talking about it:

What if one day…

… we’ll put a healing and adventure retreat together?

How amazing would it be to facilitate a group of like-minded people through a profound transformation? To connect deeply, experience true adventure, and permanently transform lives in a paradise-like place?

Well, fast forward to 2018…

… and dreams do come true!

In 2016 I moved to Bali. When I first got in Ubud (a village in Bali), I felt the soothing energy of the place.

I mean, there’s just something about this place that makes you instantly feel more at ease.

Whether it’s the pace of life here, its spectacularly beautiful nature, or maybe there really is some magical energy here (Ubud actually means “medicine”, go figure), I don’t know.

But I since then started thinking about it again…

I mean, Bali definitely qualifies as paradise.

And where I live (Ubud) is even more ridiculous. Just look at google images and you’ll know what I mean.

And, Ubud is also known to be a healing place.

Many people I meet are here for that purpose: they’re on a healing journey.
Just like Julia Roberts was, in “Eat Pray Love”, when she visited Ubud (and saw some healer whom I’ve heard a friend mention really exists)

So yeah, Bali has written healing all over it.

And I’ve been receiving a lot of requests about meeting in person, or putting some retreat together.

Well, I think that if you hear what I’ve come up with, you’ll agree it is waaaaaaaaayyyyy more amazing than what was requested.

This is the dream-come-true-experience I wish was available when I had SA.

I probably would’ve chopped off a finger to get it…

The absolute most amazing shortcut to social confidence in whole wide world.

In the the entire Universe!

A true once-in-a-lifetime experience.

OK OK, I’ll share what it is.

I’ve put together a…

– Beat SA while having fun, connection, and the adventure of a lifetime!

Now unfortunately I can’t take everyone on this retreat. I’d love to but I can’t. This will be exclusive, intimate and profoundly transformational.

So it can’t be a big group.

For a selected few of you however, this is going to be possible.

Imagine this…

You’ve just landed in beautiful Bali.

As you come out with your bag one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet is there, holding up a sign with your name on it. Exactly as expected.

His name is Made (which is btw the name of about 25% of the population of Bali, as all
Balinese have a birth-order name… Say Made out loud at a crowded place and many heads will turn!)…

… and he greets you with a big genuine smile. He’s happy to see you, makes you feel comfortable, and welcomes you into paradise.

On Tuesday morning, after you’ve had a day or so to relax and rejuvenate after the flight (massage time!) you’ll be brought to our massive villa for the start of our retreat.

At this beautiful, comfortable place your life is going to change in a big way.

You’ll be away from your natural environment and so we can more easily let go of your familiar ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Our home for the week is about a 20min drive from the city center so we have all the privacy we need, and it is surrounded by nothing but lush tropical nature.

And we of course have our own stunning infinity pool, surrounded by rice paddies and sky-high palm trees.

Who ever said transformation has to be all hard and painful?!

Does it have incredible sunsets?

You bet!

As you arrive I will welcome you and show you your royalty-like room for the coming 7 nights.

Which of course has a King sized super comfy bed, aircon, rain shower head shower, and your own luxurious bath with gorgeous view of the rice paddies!

One room even has its own mini pool right in front of it…

This is the place. This is where it’s going to happen.

You have arrived.

This is where you and 7 others will make a massive transformation.

Over the coming week you’ll be spending time with, making friends with, and creating accountability partners with the most committed individuals there are out there.

You’ll become part of an intimate and special kind of mastermind group. And we’ll be a
team from hereon forward.

After this your life will never be the same.

You put your stuff down, and you squeeze your arm “is this really real? Am I dreaming? Is this really happening?”

It sure is!

After you’ve put your stuff down, we all gather and introduce ourselves.

Now if you’re worried about not knowing what to say. Or that nobody will talk. Or that it will be all awkward. Or that you won’t fit in…

… hear this

I’m there with one of my closest friends, Tom. We’re close buddies for over 10 years and have traveled many places together, gone through a ton of healing together, and lived together before.

We’ve got conversation to fill months on end and we’d chat your ears off 24/7 if need be!

However, that’s not the aim.

The goal is to draw out of you guys your true natural Self. The self that wants to communicate. The You that is unfiltered. The you that freely speaks his/her mind.

This retreat will be focused on exactly that: You becoming OK with all of You.

Self acceptance.

And part of this is becoming OK with how you feel.

“But what if it will be awkward?”

OK, I have news for you:

it will be!

Definitely not the whole time. But some parts of it will be.

And, we facilitate these situations ON PURPOSE!

We want these feelings to come up.


Because we will be creating a totally different relationship with the feelings that are now keeping you living small.

Not only will we be releasing the excessive negative emotions, you’ll also develop a laid-back attitude towards uncomfortable emotions.

And a sense of humor about yourself, and your feelings.

And this will be tremendously liberating for you.

Because now no negative emotion will stop you from being you. Now you can be authentic. Now you can naturally speak your mind.

And from this place, you can truly CONNECT.

That’s what this retreat is all about: Reconnecting with your Self, coming to terms with all of You (including all the “bad” feelings) and from this place being able to connect with others.

Anyway, so there you are on day 1 and I’ve just introduced you to the rest of your soon-to-be-friends who are going to experience an amazing healing and connection adventure together.

And now you’ll likely have all sorts of “stuff” come up for you.

And while part of you is excited, another part of you is out of your comfort zone big time.
Which is exactly what we’ll be breaking through in this retreat.

In a safe and gentle way. There won’t be anything you can’t handle.

Your issues will come to the surface, for sure. But we’ll handle them with care, compassion, and an overdose of humor.

Exactly what we need in order to transform them.

Now not to worry, I’ve gone through this journey myself, and I will be adjusting all we do to make sure you’re not too far outside your comfort zone, and that you’ve got plenty of time to recover from all that’s happening

(and recovery time will be AMAZING).

Still sounds scary?

Don’t be.

I’ve got you covered.

There won’t be a single thing you can’t handle.

You’ll be supported all the way throughout this healing journey. I’ll be there from early in the morning all the way till bedtime.

Assisting our little group, facilitating healing, and making sure we have a ton of fun together.

You’ll have amazing adventures and profound connections you never thought was possible.

“But I’m afraid I won’t fit in. I’ll be the odd one out!”

Look, this is your social anxiety speaking.

Take a second to realize this.

I’m serious, take a second.

Not fitting in has been your experience. Your lack of self acceptance and your social anxiety has caused this experience.

And so your subconscious presents you these expectations based upon your past.

However, the past doesn’t equal the future.

And me and Tom will make sure everyone feels included.

For sure.



The intimate group we have, the amazing activities we do, the kind of healing we’ll go through together, and the special circumstances and guidance will make it impossible that you’ll be the odd one out (no one will be, we’re in this together).

If you struggle with a “I don’t fit in feeling” it will be gone by the end of the workshop.

Seriously, this will be something really special.

While you will learn a ton, this will be an experience.

See, my online stuff gives people access to information and healing tools I have worked with for a long, long time.

I feel confident saying it’s heaps better than whatever else is available that I know of.

The next level is working 1 on 1 via Skype with me.

That is much more powerful than any online program, because you get a tailored approach to your unique situation.

Therefore your social anxiety releases a lot faster, and your social confidence grows much faster.

BUT – online coaching sessions last just 90min.

And there’s A LOT that I cannot do in a meeting over Skype that I CAN do when we’re in person.

The transformation I can facilitate in person is much deeper, greater, and more profound.

Plus, there’s A TON I cannot do in a 1 on 1 relationship that we CAN make happen with the group dynamics we’ll have in our retreat.

On the retreat we have the ideal set up. And it will be IN PERSON and WITH GROUP DYNAMICS.

This is the most powerful way to heal.

If my online free stuff is level 1, my paid programs are level 10, and my online coaching level 100.

This retreat will then be level 1000.

When I told my mentor (Dr David Lake, tapping expert and psychotherapist, therapist to therapists) about this retreat he was very impressed and very encouraging.

He had done 10 or so in his life. And he said “with this set-up I’ve seen people make more profound transformation in a single day that they make in a 3 day long experiential workshops”.

In this intimate set up you get to be in the energy of two people who have done the work to free themselves.

And the “social ease” (which is NORMAL, may I remind you?) is an energy that’s contagious.

I made a big shift myself (as did Tom) in April 2014.

Back then I had organized an emotional relief mission in the Philippines, and I had 8 of the world’s leading tapping experts come over to Tacloban, the city where the storm had done the most damage. 8000 people died.

During this time I was surrounded by these guys for 3 weeks (the duration of our mission).

For eight days of the mission me and Tom were spending our time with Steve Wells and David Lake (my now mentor).

And the energy they had about themselves was contagious.

A very light, playful, joyful energy.

Wherever they would go, it was a good time.

You couldn’t help but feel more easy-going when they were around.

After a week, I felt more like that myself.

Just from being around that energy…

Somehow you just soak it up.

Your mirror neurons see it and start to emulate it.

They call it “getting infected with the provocative virus”.

I have since trained in picking up this positive “virus”, and spreading it far and wide. Tom has it too. It’s just a good time!

And you’ll be in that energy too, 7 days long, and you can’t help but pick up some of it yourself.

Anyway, after you’ve put your stuff down and realized this is the real deal, you’ll come to gather and meet the rest of the gang.

We’ll then sit in a circle and get to know each other.

BUT – of course not in the usual way.

We will be looking for what triggers us as this happens, and work through these triggers together.

This is a common theme throughout the week:

Bring up triggers. Work through them.

Relax and enjoy.

Bring up triggers. Work through them.

Relax and enjoy.


And we do this by going through adventures.

What are these adventures I keep referring to?

Well, I won’t tell all of them to you as that would ruin the surprise, but I’ll tell you one day we’ve got planned for the middle of the week…

You’ll wake up and walk our into the sun as you gaze from your balcony over the gorgeous view (the retreat will happen in April 2019, when it’s beautiful weather every day in Bali)…

You relax and at 9AM we’ll all gather together to start our morning routine.

After our delicious breakfast we’ll circle up with yoga mats and comfy pillows and listen to Tom as he introduces us to the magical world of breath work.

Tom’s my close mate since 10 years, he’s the most compassionate and loving guy I know, and he’s got an amazing sense of humor and a great heart.

And, quite importantly, he’s an expert at inner journeys.

And (a special kind of) breath work is his area of expertise, so while I lead most days and events, during this experience I’m Tom’s assistant.

Tom will share what it is, what to expect, why you’re in a safe place to do this, what to do and what not to do, and so on.

You’ll feel safe and curious getting started.

And then it’s go-time.

You’ll be listening to specifically created music by Tom to facilitate deep states of healing, and you’ll be breathing away.

This will make you go into a deep subconscious state, and healing occurs on it’s own, profound insights come, and…

… it’s hard to describe how deep this can go.

But basically, you’ll end the breath work feeling WAY different than before.

After the breath work rocking our worlds, turning our issues upside down, and bringing us profoundly into the here and now present, we share our experience in a circle.

This sharing circle, where you will be deeply heard, is a recurring theme throughout the week.

And, each fear, concerns, worry, fear or belief that this brings up will be released and let go of.

So that you’re comfortable and at ease sharing your Truth.

After this profound experience (I’ve done breath work maybe 15 times, each time it’s been profound -and profound is an understatement- and Tom has facilitates countless breath work experiences for people) …

… we’ll have a nice lunch together.

After lunch, the afternoon is free to do whatever you feel like doing.

Whether that’s reading a book. Chatting with someone. Playing frisbee. Going for a swim. Chilling on a floater in the pool. Hiking with Made in the surrounding nature, you name it.

Even going to the city if you feel like it, it’s totally up to you.

At 5PM we gather to have Made bring us in the van to our own private outdoor sauna.

As we drive there we’ll drive through the gorgeous rice paddies, and as we enter the place you’ll see it’s an outdoor sauna (don’t worry, we for sure won’t be naked, this is not that kind of retreat!), a pool, and a place to gather in the middle.

Which we’ll have all to ourselves, just our group.

We’ll watch a sunset, do some connection games, swim, and then make a bonfire and sip tea around the bonfire as we share about life and connect deeply.

I’ve done this several times before and it’s a beautiful bonding experience.

At the end of the evening we drive back to our villa and we fall asleep to the soothing sounds of nature.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

And that’s just one day…

Each day we’ll have a similar format however. Something like this:

9AM Morning routine (includes an empowering delicious breakfast)
1030-1230 workshop (Psych-K, 1 on 1’s in front of the group, group tapping, connection building exercises, intimacy games, state anchoring, visualization, etc —> we’re working through everyone’s biggest fears and deepest limiting beliefs)
1230-1330 Yummie lunch
130-6pm Free time/Adventure of the day
6-7pm delicious dinner
7-9pm sharing circle (we work through the triggers of the day, and anything that triggers you about the upcoming day)

*this is a rough schedule, sometimes the adventure of the day will be during day time, sometimes it will be in the evening. I’ll make sure you’ll have plenty of free time each day and a nice balance between activity and relaxation.

Other adventures are going to involve

· Sound healing in pyramids (yes, I know, madness)
· Sunset-hike in the beautiful rice paddies.
· Wearing traditional Balinese clothing and getting a blessing by a high priestess…
· Swimming and picnicking near a stunning waterfall…

… and a lot more awesomeness.

I’ve got several more exciting adventures and surprises that I won’t mention here.

I like surprises 😉

Now there will also be workshops every day. But it will be very little information, and for the most bit be experiential.

Think 5% info, 95% experience.

Because you don’t need more knowledge…

You need to shift these issues that are holding you back. And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.

My intention is for you to make a profound transformation, and I will use EVERYTHING I’ve learned in the past 15 years to help you make this shift.

You’ll be laughing A LOT.

You might very well cry (and if so it will be good). You’re going to experience negative emotions.

And you’re going to work through your issues…
Now let me be frank with you: This is not only going to be a walk in the park.

Your shit it going to come up… Guaranteed.

And, that’s OK.

It’s more than OK.

In fact, we want this to happen!

Because we have the tools and skills to work through this.

You’ll be in a safe and compassionate place and you’ll be guided, taken by the hand, out of the darkness.

Seriously, how I’ve put this together is to really support you to make a profound transformation that lasts a lifetime.

You’re not the same person anymore after this experience.

Or rather, you’re not living the same patterns anymore. You’ve transformed. You’re connected to You.

You’re more aligned with your True Self.

And since we make the changes on the inside and shift them permanently, you’ll take these changes with you back home and they’ll assist you in creating a much calmer, more peaceful, less anxious, more confident and at ease life experience.

Now this connection and adventure retreat in paradise is a once in a lifetime experience.

I might only run it once. And it’s going to be pricey.

To give you an idea why…

If you would have a private in-person session with me, 1 hr costs $335.

On the retreat you’ll be spending your waking hours with me, so at least 15 hours. So that’s $5025 per day.

So for 7 days this is $35 175.-

Then there’s the cost of staying at the luxury retreat.

The cost of all the delicious food.

The cost of Tom’s expertise and assistance.

The cost of Made’s assistance.

The cost of all the transport.

The cost of all the adventures…

As you can see, this adds up.

Now I’m not going to charge you $50 000 (though it’d be worth it), but it will still be a significant investment in your future social ease.

This is a luxurious connection and adventure retreat and there is nothing like it in the world.

This is the best way to get rid of social anxiety and unlock your effortless social ease.

Full stop.

And I assure you it will be worth much more than what I’m asking for it.
Let me paint a picture of an outcome you might experience so you get why this is so amazing:

It’s the last day of the retreat…

We were just served breakfast alongside the pool. And now we’re all hanging around the pool.

After what we’ve gone through together we’ve grown close. And now it’s just us friends sharing and joking around.

We’re sharing our experiences of the past week.

When it’s your turn to report you’re FREELY speaking.

Which feels amazing

You’re not filtering the way you come across anymore.

You feel accepted and supported, and know that what you have to say is valued and appreciated. So you honestly and openly speak your truth.

Your inner strength has grown. You feel resilient. Something has awakened inside of you. You no longer feel like a little kid on a deep level.

You’ve matured like crazy in this short period, and have reawakened that playful child inside of you.

You feel proud of yourself, and super happy you decided to go for this.
You say to the rest of us that you had your worries and concerns prior to coming.

That you weren’t sure, and that it was a big scary leap into the unknown…

… but that you decided to move forward anyway because you were so sick and tired of being anxious all the time.

You had said to yourself:

“No more. This constant worry and dread, and the limits on my potential are too much. I MUST do whatever it takes to overcome this. I GOT to liberate myself. Whatever. It. Takes.”

Your daily fear, anxiety and suffering was simply no longer acceptable.

You tell us that when you arrived in Bali you felt that there was something special going on that was just hard to describe. It just felt right arriving at this beautiful island.

You continue sharing and say that when you met everyone for the first time, you were nervous. And that through many of the activities, you’ve felt anxious. Nervous. Awkward.

But that you noticed yourself growing day in day out. And it became less and less of a problem. Your anxiety reduced. Awkwardness left.

Your started feeling more confident and strong each day.

And that was an exciting thing to experience.

You conclude by saying you now feel like a totally different person. Empowered. More relaxed. More at ease. And so much more comfortable being you.

Finally really feeling good about yourself.

You smile and thank everyone.

Because the support of the group, the knowing you guys were all going through the same challenges together, and the playfulness and ease of the overall vibe of the retreat, has really been instrumental in your transformation.

After you’ve shared this you grin. You know that the profound inner changes you made make it impossible to go back to the way things were before.

You know that from now on things are going to be different and that’s a huge relief.

You now feel ready and excited to go back home and create a life for yourself that you really want.

After your sharing the others share too, and we celebrate the good times together.

Then we say our goodbyes and know that we will be sharing pics and videos of our amazing week in our secret FB group that we’ll keep alive for just the 9 of us.

A little while later you sit in the plane home and you’re BUZZING.

The good kind.

You’re feeling like a million bucks, thinking “wow, that really just happened”.

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