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Exciting Announcements!!



In today’s episode, I will be sharing some exciting and awesome projects we are working on for you.

All are in the effort to support you in your #JourneyToSocialConfidence

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Hey! How’s it going? This is Sebastiaan from and I just want to give you a couple of exciting updates about what’s going to happen.

I’ve decided to slow the hell down, so I can plan everything properly what I want to do. What has come out of that is the following. You can hear it in my voice, how calm am I. I just had a speech impediment but other than that…So anyway, here’s what’s coming:

First of all (drumroll): I’m going to start interviewing people again for my podcast. Not exactly sure when I’m going to start yet, but it’s going to be soon. And it’s going to have a bunch of new and exciting topics. Of course, it’s going to be about Social Anxiety Solutions, that’s obvious. But I want to share some misperceptions that are currently out there. I’m going to do that giving you perspectives from psychologists, best selling authors, Scientists, etc. It’s not just me saying this, but I’m backing it up with Science, exciting people on the podcast, and talk more about mental health – what that is, how to get it, how to be compassionate, how to accept where it is that you are, and yet change and let go of your Social Anxiety. So, this is really cool. This is going to be great. I’ve been very much looking forward to it.

I’m mostly going to spend more time on YouTube, on creating very powerful YouTube videos. So, I’m going to spend more time creating them, making them look better, all that kind of stuff.

Then, (drumroll) the first of January is when we’re going to do another Social Confidence Challenge and I’ve decided I’m going to run once a year so that I’m announcing it now. You want to make sure that you’re part of that. It is amazing, it’s life-transforming – it has been for many people. The Social Confidence Club is closed for registration, but I’ll be opening it up after the 30-day challenge. The 30-day is completely FREE, it’s going to rock your world. So, you want to make sure that you’re there.

This is the end of my special announcements, enjoy your week. If you have any questions, you can put underneath this video and you’ll hear from me soon! Bye for now!

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