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Social anxiety is a complex problem.

Yet there is a simple, painless, scientifically proven way to overcome it. This is what I cover in today’s episode.

Best of all, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

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Hey, this is Sebastiaan from

I’m a former Social Anxiety Disorder sufferer, and I help people overcome social anxiety. I’ve been doing it since 2009.

And one of the techniques that I use, the main technique that I use to help people overcome social anxiety, is tapping.

Now, there is a different name for tapping.

Actually, it is the original name. Tapping is kind of like the rip-off name if you will.

The original name is EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques.

And I just refer to it as tapping because EFT, you need to adhere to certain rules or regulations, it’s a specific kind of way of using the tapping, and tapping is broader. That’s why more often talk about tapping.

But in EFT land, people often learn about EFT, and they try it, and they don’t get instant results or don’t get great results or don’t get lasting results.

And then, they mistakenly think that EFT doesn’t work, or EFT is not that effective for them, or whatever.

And one of the reasons that they’re struggling is because they’re expecting too much.

And that might be because they’ve read online about the miraculous power of EFT. And that actually exists!

EFT is miraculously powerful indeed.

And it’s scientifically proven to be effective. There are more than 100 peer-reviewed studies that have been published in prestigious journals.

And it is established as an effective treatment by the American Psychological Association for a number of conditions. One of them being PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, one of the more severe anxiety disorders.

So, it’s very powerful.

However, when the founder of EFT started promoting EFT, he promoted the really miraculous breakthroughs, more than the cases that took a longer period of time.

Or at least those were the things that caught the eye of mainstream media or marketing if you will.

And those of them became famous, and those are EFT’s famous one-minute wonders.

So what are they?

Well, those are the experiences that people have, usually when working with a practitioner, when they would experience a breakthrough in just a few minutes of tapping.

And often, for example, people would have a snake phobia, and they’ve been in therapy before and tried all sorts of things for nothing would work, haven’t their whole life. And they do one or two rounds of tapping, and that whole phobia is gone.

And that’s just one example.

It’s with different kinds of cases.

I’m not a specialist in it. I just know that this is an example of a one-minute wonder. And that’s what got out on the news as “wow, EFT! tap for a couple of minutes, and your problems gone, or you’re going to feel amazing.”

And while you can actually make progress in one minute with tapping, and it often happens.

In order to overcome a complex issue, like social anxiety – that one-minute wonders are not going to happen.

And I’ve been coaching people since October 2009, solely clients to overcome their social anxiety.

And I use tapping a lot with the help of a bunch of brilliant therapists to overcome my own social anxiety.

And I’ve never experienced a one-minute wonder, in the sense that I worked with a client, and within one minute, his social anxiety was gone. Never happened.

I don’t expect that it’s ever going to happen, though. Yeah, I’m open to it wouldn’t be great, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

I have experienced people having traumatic memories that they have had for the longest time that would shift in one or two minutes.

Usually, I use a variety of approaches.

Or people were making significant progress in a really short time. That is possible.

However, overcome your social anxiety, which usually requires a journey.

The social confidence journey.

And because that is the case, many people learn about tapping, and they try it a bit. And either it doesn’t work initially, or it works. But they plateau at some point, or it works. And they only use it for self-management to kind of calm their emotions down when they’re really feeling upset.

But they’re not using it systematically to get rid of the underlying causes of their social anxiety.

This is so unfortunate because when you do that, you can actually get rid of your social anxiety and get to a place where you feel at ease and comfortable and relaxed in social situations.

For that exact reason, people don’t understand how comprehensive a challenge it is — social anxiety. Even with a powerful tool, tapping, I created the 30-day social confidence challenge.

Something is only complex if you try to digest it all in one go. But when you spread it out, and you mind map it and you small chunk it, and you take one bit at a time, the complex becomes easy, the complex becomes easily digestible.

And when you start making little bits of progress day after day, after day after day, if today, it’s going to add up.

When you tap on in day two, it builds on what you’ve tapped on day one, etc.

So when you’re tapping on day eight, you’ve got seven things, seven-layer, seven little mini-steps that you’ve built up that you’re now tapping on, that you’re enhancing. So it’s all, so it all builds on each other.

That’s why I put the 30 Day Challenge together. And if you’re watching my Tuesday videos, or you’re listening to my Tuesday podcasts, you’ve heard a whole bunch of testimonials already from people that went through that.

And I’m going to run it again, and that’s going to happen mid-May.

I don’t know the exact date yet. But somewhere mid-May.

And it is amazing.

It’s life-transforming.

And by the way, I’m nothing against therapy. I’m very for therapy.

But I’ve had several people write that they’ve been in therapy for years. And this free 30-Day Challenge had done more for them in those 30 days than all those years of therapy.

And they tried a wide variety of things.

And so many people have experienced life-transforming results from just following along with this challenge.

How cool, right?

So, after I finish this challenge, and it’s going to be for 30 days, surprise, surprise. There’s a little bit longer is a bit of a bonus, maybe, hey, if you’re lucky, there’s going to be a bonus.

But after that, I’m likely not going to run it for three months, and maybe for six months.

So, this is your chance!

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What is wrong with me? I need some human beings around me. I’ve been in isolation for too long.

I see people, but I want to see my friends, go out, and dance and have a good time. But hey, we’re all in isolation still for a bit.

Anyway, I hope you’re doing well wherever it is that you’re at and that you join us. Join in on the fun! You are joining in the excitement.

Hope to see you during the challenge, and you’re really going to love this. That is when you actually participate.

Don’t just sign up and leave it because the last challenge crazy.

Of the whole challenge. More than 35%, nearly 40% of the people who signed up and didn’t even start day one.

Whereas the other 60 plus percent experienced life-transforming results.

So, if you do sign up, be smart and at least do the first day because that will get your momentum going.

That’s what gets you revved up that gets you like, “whoa, things are shifting things are changing.”

There’s hope for me. So, that’s my pep talk.

Here you go. Under 10 minutes, go to, and I’ll connect with you soon.

Bye for now.

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