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EFT tapping: Evidence-based treatment for social anxiety? #short



Is EFT Tapping scientifically proven to be effective❓

Does tapping for Social Anxiety can bring relief too❓🤔

In this video, we will know why EFT is proven to be effective for different types of anxiety (even Social Anxiety). 💡


EFT has 102 scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals. And it meets the criteria for evidence-based treatments set by the American Psychological Association for a number of conditions, including Public Speaking Anxiety, Test Anxiety, and PTSD.

EFT is in the top 10% of most researched Psychotherapy techniques.

The gold standard of scientific research are ‘randomized control trials’.

There’s only 1 stronger, higher quality of evidence in Science: META Analysis (often described as ‘the ultimate study’) Most of Psychology only has 1 done. EFT has 5 META Analysis done, all proving it’s very effective!

Now actual research for Social Anxiety specifically is still missing. It’s my future goal to create this. But since it’s proven to be effective for all these other anxieties…

… what if tapping for Social Anxiety can bring you relief too?

If you doubt it will, I suggest listening to the passionate recommendations by Psychologists on my podcast, or by checking out the many video testimonials of clients who beat their SA on my YouTube channel.

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