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EFT Myth #4: A tapping script will solve my Social Anxiety


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When you hear the word tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique for the first time, what was your initial reaction?

Were you curious about it?

Did you try it by watching tap-along videos?

Were you unable to concentrate because you didn’t know what to say during your tapping session?

And if so, are you still looking for the right tapping scripts to make tapping effective?

In this episode, Sebastiaan will be busting another myth about EFT Tapping.

And that is…

…”A tapping script will solve my Social Anxiety.”

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EFT Tapping Myth #4: A tapping script will solve my social anxiety. 

Hey this is Sebastiaan from

I’m a former Social Anxiety Disorder sufferer and I help people feel calm and relaxed in social situations.

So, a technique I have mainly used to overcome my own Social Anxiety to help my clients with, for the past 12 years, is called tapping.

It’s more well known as…

…well, I don’t know what’s more well known, actually.

But the original official name is Emotional Freedom Techniques. The tapping.

And when people hear about this for the first time, they’re usually curious, and they want to try it out, but they don’t exactly know how to do it; what are the right words to say.

And so, people came up with tap-along videos and tapping scripts. And that became really popular because practitioners – some practitioners, not always, but the best ones, realize that they could share the power of tapping with more people. And could give people an experience of the power of tapping.

I’m the same.

I’ve created a bunch of tap-alongs. And you can find them on my YouTube channel. And they can be very powerful for people.

And if you read the comments underneath it, people are sometimes very, very excited. And sometimes they report profound changes.

As a result of that, you might read that, or you might experience it, and you get a shift, or you’re like, ‘Oh, my God, the thing that I need is I just need the right kind of tapping script for Social Anxiety. I just need to hit the right words in my subconscious. And then all of a sudden, while I tap, magically, that’s gonna unlock all of my Social Anxiety, and it’s just going to be gone because it’s going to be reframed in my subconscious. And then everything will be alright.’ — Yeah. Unfortunately, that’s nonsense. That doesn’t work. That does not exist.

What does exist is (and this is also why I create these tap-along sometimes) is you can do the tapping, and you can shift a particular perspective sometimes, usually, to some degree.

And so you might have a particular way of seeing the world.

And through a tapping script, through tapping, you actually have (that’s my belief), you have easier access to your subconscious. And it’s more easier to shift and change things around.

It’s like you can communicate more directly with your subconscious because it’s emotional. You’re using your emotions.

And so, sometimes a perspective can be more easily changed and shifted around. And particular feelings can be shifted and changed around with a tap along as well.

But that’s more work on the surface.

And it can be very helpful because you can feel better, you can perceive things differently, you can just have some different insights, and you can make a bit of progress.

And that’s very helpful because it gets people to experience the power of tapping.

That’s the main reason why I am putting them out.

It’s difficult to get people to believe that –  Yes, you’re going to tap in your face and body and you’re going to feel better. Yeah, right, as if, even though there are 102 studies backing up its effectiveness and scientifically proven to be effective. I won’t go into all of that.

But it’s difficult so you want to get people an experience of it. But people then get an experience of it. `And they think, oh, it’s the end all be all this is it. I just need the right script.’ 

No, you don’t need the right script, you need to do the deeper inner work. The script is just a piece of the pie, just a taste of the pie. You need to have the whole pie.

There’s so much more profound transformation that you get from actually doing the deeper inner work than that you get from a tap-along.

A tap-along is an easy, quick fix, a little bit of relief. But the permanent, profound relief that you’re looking for comes from actually dealing with the repetitive negative experiences from early childhood, healing the relationship in your subconscious with your mom or your dad or your caregivers, shifting the bullying around if that’s something that happened, uncovering the core event or core events that lead to the social anxiety, addressing the specific experiences that worsened your social anxiety, updating your false belief system that causes your brain to perceive threat.

The deeper stuff –  coming to terms with who you really are, accepting yourself. All of you.

Also, the parts of you that are currently ashamed of, releasing your social perfectionism so that you can just be in the moment and freely share yourself.

All of that stuff cannot be done with a simple tap alone.

Otherwise, I would create 10 tap-alongs, sell that program, everyone would resolve their social anxiety and everyone will be happy.

No, it doesn’t happen like that.

That’s why I run a social confidence club and we run it for a year.

Now there are tap-alongs in there but for that exact purpose: to shift perspective, give people relief, to boost motivation, to update false perceptions.

But it’s just a small part of it.

The bigger part of it is doing the inner work and doing the deeper inner work.

So, I want to make that very clear to you so that you understand it.

All right, yes, tap-alongs are helpful, they can get you some relief, and thanks to them, a lot more people know of tapping. And I have the experience of the power of tapping. But it’s a misconception. It’s a myth, to think that this is the end all be all.

No, it’s just a small piece.

It’s just a taste of the delicious cake or pie.

There’s so much more profound transformation, a lasting transformation that you can get when you actually take that bite and go find that whole pie.

It’s my worst metaphor ever but whatever. You get what I mean by now because I’m repeating myself over and over and over. So you get it.


So, I hope this has been helpful.

It’s not a myth.

This is Sebastiaan from

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Are you going to have reduced your social anxiety when you do the exercises that are simple, that I give to you every day in a cookie-cutter way? And are there going to be tap-alongs? Yes, there are going to be tap-alongs.

Are you going to get relief? Yes.

Are you going to feel more hopeful? Yes.

Are you going to reduce some of your issues? Yes.

Are you going to feel a lot better, and you can really transform your life in 30 days? Yes.

It’s that profound.

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All right, go do that now and I’ll see you on the inside.

Bye for now.

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