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EFT Myth #3: My Issue Should Be Collapsed In A Single Session


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When you go to a session with your therapist, have you asked yourself…

…how long should I wait for me to get rid of my Social Anxiety problem?

…will I overcome my problem in just a single session?

In this episode, Sebastiaan will be dispelling this myth and will be sharing with you a particular tool that is very effective to get rid of the layers of your Social Anxiety.

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Tapping Myth # 3: My issue should be collapsed in a single session. 

Hey, this is Sebastiaan from

I’m a former Social Anxiety Disorder sufferer and a Social Confidence Coach. And I help people with Social Anxiety feel calm, relaxed, and at ease in social situations, so they can create satisfying social lives, connect with people effortlessly, and just be themselves. Their genuine authentic selves with other people.

To get to that place requires a particular journey. And throughout that journey, there’s a particular tool that’s very effective to get rid of or neutralize that which is in the way of you naturally, authentically being yourself, and feeling good sharing yourself with others.

That tool or technique is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or tapping.

And there are common misunderstandings by people that are new to it, or sometimes even by people who have been aware of tapping for a longer time that just never really dug in deeper. And so they have a surface-level understanding. That surface-level understanding can really harm your results. And so, I’m dispelling the myths.

And why am I the person to be talking about that? Because I’ve been doing this as a coach for 12 years, logged 5,000 coaching hours, helped many people overcome their Social Anxiety, overcame my own Social Anxiety. And I constantly evolve my understanding of this topic. You know, I know a thing or two about it.

And one of the myths is that ‘well, I’ve got this problem. It’s a long-standing issue, I’ve had it for over a decade, or for as long as I can remember. And I hear that this tapping is so powerful. So, I’m going to have one session, and that’s supposed to resolve my issue.’ 

And then, these people might have a single session. And they’re afterward like, ‘well, I still have Social Anxiety. So, this tapping doesn’t work for me.’ 

~~ Whoa! Hold on there. You have a lifelong issue, you’re doing one session, and you think that that’s going to resolve your long-standing issue? Yeah, dream on! It doesn’t work like that. Social Anxiety is a complex issue.

Now, a lot of people that are introduced to EFT might hear of one-minute wonders, one-minute miracles. And these are simply where tapping is applied to a particular issue that you’ve been having for a long time. And that issue gets resolved in sometimes literally minutes.

But that’s rare. And that happens when the issues are single-sided, and not complex, which might be like a spider phobia.

So, you have a spider phobia, you’ve been afraid of it for your whole life, whenever you see a spider, you freak out, even when you see a picture of a spider, all those feelings start to creep up. And now, you apply the tapping. And a memory comes up of when you, I don’t know, brother through a spider in your hair, you do a couple of minutes of tapping on that memory, and boom, all of your fears are gone, and it will never come back. That does happen. Those are called one-minute miracles. That is part of what made tapping famous.

But that’s what simple issues.

For the more complex issues like social anxiety that involve your identity, that involve how you perceive the world.

For most people, for a lot of people, it involves a lot of the interactions or even all the interactions you have in your day-to-day life.

It involves how you see yourself.

It involves how you think that other people perceive you.

It involves your beliefs about yourself, the world, and others.

It involves trauma.

There’s a lot to it!

That is not going to be resolved in a single session.

And when I was still doing one on one coaching, what I would offer, at the very least/ the bare minimum was three sessions. I would not work with people for a single session purely for this specific reason.

A single session doesn’t resolve it.

In the first session, I would just be working with a client to help them start to come to terms with the problem that they’re having, and deal with their feelings about the fact that they’re suffering so much. And with their feelings of hopelessness, and maybe we’ll address some of the resistance. And we then out have some time left? Yeah, we could work on a little bit of the underlying causes of why the anxiety is there in the first place.

But by no means is the complete problem resolved in a single session.

The fastest I’ve seen it is in three sessions. And that is about 30-35% of the clients that I’ve seen. But those were also the clients typically – not always, that had less severe of an issue.

For more severe people, it took two more sessions, and that’s one on one coaching. So that’s a laser-focused approach with someone who’s been doing it for a long time.

Typically, for most people, to overcome your social anxiety, it’s going to be a journey, and it’s going to take time; it’s going to take a lot of tapping, and it’s going to be a period of months, and for some people years to really neutralize all of the anxiety, and get to a place where you’re at ease socially.

Now, that can sound discouraging if you’re coming from the mindset of ‘give me a pill, and I want my problem fixed.’

Or when you’re coming from the mindset of, ‘I need this fixed right now, or else I will do nothing.’ That’s the wrong mindset, my friend.

The mindset that you’re looking for is, ‘I’ll do anything, to make some progress to get some relief. Because this is a journey of a lot of little steps.’

Do a little bit of tapping, feel a little bit more relaxed.

Do a little bit of tapping, address a part of a particular memory.

Do a little bit of tapping, neutralize a limiting belief.

Do a little bit of tapping, get rid of a particular fear.

Do a little bit of tapping, reduce your anticipatory anxiety.

Do a little bit of tapping, not feel so upset about that past social situation.

Do a little bit of tapping, etc.

And all of those little steps start to add up, and bit by bit, slowly but surely, you start to make improvements.

Now, if you tap every day for 15-20 minutes, and you tap in the right way, within a couple of weeks, you’ll notice that your anxiety is reduced. And you might notice that you feel more comfortable, things bother you a little less.

Now, are you anxiety-free? No.

But things progressively get better as you continue.

Do you get a session from a coach who’s good with anxiety, who’s got experience in it, who’s an expert tapping, who’s properly trained, who’s a psychotherapist or whatever, okay, and that’s a great practitioner? Right, you’re going to make progress faster.

But it’s still going to take time. It’s a chipping away of the layers of the issue.

But don’t let that discourage you. Let that be an inspiration. Because every little bit that you do, every bit of tapping that you do, you’re taking little bits off of the problem.

And if you imagine your problem to be this big, you keep working on it, keep working on it, keep working on it, keep working on it, keep persisting, keep persisting through the setbacks, through everything. And eventually, the problem is insignificant, doesn’t bother you anymore, and it’s no longer in your life.

That is possible.

But that’s possible when you put in the effort.

When you persist, when you learn how to apply this technique properly, and when you educate yourself.

It’s something that you need to learn, something you need to apply, something that you’re likely to get some help with. And it is really an amazing technique.

You can really overcome this issue.

You can really overcome this issue, but it takes time, dedication, effort, and persistence.


So, I hope that helps you and this myth has been dispelled.

This is Sebastiaan from Social Anxiety Solutions.

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