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Social Confidence Goal

In order to have a clear idea of where you’re going, follow the exercises and get a clear social confidence goal. This is an important exercise. Your mind moves away from pain and towards pleasure. This exercises gives your mind the pleasure to work towards.

Download the article here.

Change Your Thoughts

Being in control of thoughts you think will make a powerful difference in the way you feel from day to day. The two simple and effective strategies in This Change Your Thought Patterns Article will put you in control of the way you think.

The Tapping Formula

In order to know what to say when tapping, I have created The Tapping Formula. Memorize it and use it whenever you get triggered with emotions to bring some relief.

And here is a video I recommend you watch (one of the first ones I ever uploaded) about some techniques to calm down your anxiety a bit:

Quick Fix Exercises

There is no such thing as a quick fix. But the tapping in the article can bring some rapid relief.

You use the Quick Fix Exercises in order to release some of your fears and anxieties about upcoming events. You can use the techniques in the article before any social experience that you are about to encounter that you feel anxious about, or that you usually become anxious in, and it will release some or all of your anxiety.

BUT, I want to put provide you with the right understanding of the Quick Fix Exercises because they have 4 downsides:

  • You will probably not be able to fully release all of your anticipatory anxiety
  • You likely will still feel anxiety while in the social situation (though if you do, it will possibly be less)
  • The positive effect of the tapping will wear off and the anxiety will likely come back (though possibly less intense) because you are tapping on the symptoms of the problem, not so much on the problem itself
  • The results of the tapping have some slight long-term benefits, but to get permanent results, you need the other steps in the SCS

So, while the quick fix exercises are FANTASTIC and you will gain (temporary) benefit from doing them, and you should use them when you need them, they are not a long-term solution.

In order to become completely anxiety-free and create permanent change, making your social confidence effortless and natural, you have to follow all the steps of the SCS. The real change comes from doing the deeper work.

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