Yes, I'd like to overcome my Social Anxiety!

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You create a satisfying social life by:

  • Defining what it looks like (which you have done in PRE-Step II with your social confidence goal)
  • Visualizing and feeling as if you already have it (you’ve been doing this throughout the SCS)
  • Finding out the things you (think you might) like doing, and then doing these things (after you’ve done your N.S.E.’s of course!)

    So you will do the things that you’re interested in anyway, and you build friendships along the way as there’s shared enjoyment of the thing you do, and there’s also built-in conversation making it easy.

    Being a tidbit nervous is OK. Go anyway.

    Once you find something you like -and this is a key element- you keep showing up there!

    You become familiar with the people, they become familiar with you. From there things happen naturally (assuming you’re doing your inner work that is: field clearing, visualization, tapping whenever things come up).

    Doing this comfortably expands your comfort zone and reinforces the understanding that socializing is safe.

    As an example, I recently joined a morning work-out group and instantly had 10 new friends. I found them as a facebook group in the city that I lived (I typed in the city that I live and what I was looking for “Chiang Mai Fitness”).

    I started a marketing meetup group using ( is a website where you can find tons of potential fun groups to join, like language exchange, adventure meetups, cooking classes, travel buddies, etc.).

    I went to a meditation class and made a new close friend, and met a bunch of other interesting people.

    I went to a networking event for online business people and made 2 longer term closer friends and created a few business contacts.

    These are just a few examples.

    If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you keep getting the results you’ve always gotten. Get out there, do N.S.E.’s beforehand, tap on anything that comes up, and tap on anything that came up after you’ve attended the event.

  • Starting with one thing
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself by staring 5 new things at once.

    Pick one thing you want to start doing. It may be going to a language exchange class. It may be going to a cooking class. It may be signing up for salsa dancing. It may be muay thai. Or picking up soccer again. Or going to a yoga class. Or a meditation class. Or maybe surfing someone’s couch ( Or whatever.

    Pick one thing only, do your clearing, accept any bit of nervousness you may have if you can’t seem to tap it away completely, and GO. And go consistently. And you’ll find that things happen naturally.

  • Find ways to meet them elsewhere too
  • If you only meet people at one event -such at fitness- the friendship only goes so deep. You become workout buddies. Which is OK. But if you like the people there, you might find ways to meet them elsewhere. Maybe they have other interests that you share. Ask them for coffee. Or lunch. Likely, and if you’ve not experienced this yet, just be open to the possibility, you’ll get invited for things. Keep showing up and things will happen.

    Persisting until you have what you want

    This is your time to take responsibility for your life. Not by pushing yourself, but by determining what you would like to have social life wise, doing your inner work, and then going to these events consistently.

    And persisting. And persisting. And persisting. Keep tapping, keep visualizing, keep clearing little blocks as they come up.

    You’ll feel great as you start getting out there. You got this.

    And if you ever need final assistance, consider
    1 on 1 coaching.

All the best 🙂