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Mentally Rehearse Your Conversation Openers

Starting Conversations 101 Part 4/4:

I’ve noticed for myself that saying my “brilliant” conversation openers was still somewhat challenging in the beginning when I started out.

It wasn’t fear or anxiety anymore, but just a mild form of hesitation.

It’s because I wasn’t used to that new behavior yet. My mind was used to doing nothing.

So, I trained it to act!

And so can you. You do this by mentally rehearsing saying your conversation starter. You do this before you go the situation itself. Once you are then in the situation itself, you push yourself just a little and you easily blurt it out.

So once you’ve thought of your brilliant thing to say, rehearse it in your mind.

Mentally Rehearse Your Conversation Openers

  • Choose a conversation starter and situation you want to use it in.
  • Take a deep breath and relax. Once you feel calm and relaxed, mentally rehearse exactly when and how you are going to say your conversation opener.
  • Imagine how positive they are going to respond, how great you will feel, what you will see, hear etc.
  • Take action in the real world

Once you have rehearsed your specific conversation starter in your mind, you now know exactly how it’s going to work out. You trained your mind to act.

Then once you are in the real situation, push yourself a little tiny bit and blurt it out.

Now even though this might go wrong a time or two, keep doing it.

It’s just like riding a bike. If you fall, get back up and keep doing it. Your mind will learn the timing you need to make it all work.

After you have taken action in the real world, use the parts that went well in your new mental rehearsal. Now change in your new mental rehearsal what didn’t go as you wanted it in the real world and rehearse it going perfectly.

Keep practicing your mental rehearsal and real life application until it flows naturally.

Once that goes smoothly, go on to the next conversation starter and pick a new situation (this will already go way easier as you will have less hesitancy because you know what can happen).

Become a person that can start conversations with anyone anywhere and and you’ll be feeling comfortable and socially savvy everywhere!

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