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Best Practice:

  • If you signed up for my newsletter after having read all of the content, and having watched all the videos you found on my homepage, then great. I know you are excited to receive the next stuff I have for you, and I know you already understand all you need to know to most rapidly become anxiety-free. You are properly prepared for the next step, please leave this page and check the email that was just sent to you.

If however, you signed up for my newsletter and you haven’t seen the information and the videos on my homepage yet, I highly recommend doing that first. And here’s why:

Some people might give out low value stuff to have you sign up for their newsletter. That is not what I’m about. I believe that in order for you to trust what I have to offer (because it does sounds too good to be true…), you should have evidence of what I have promise to deliver first.

And a few headlines with some bold promises is not enough.

So what I have done is I have put my former 7 day email course on my homepage. So that you get that upfront, without having to sign up for anything.

And if you happen to like that information, THEN I have some world-class information that builds further on that when you sign up for my newsletter. This way you know beforehand that you will love the stuff I have to offer, and I know that when you sign up you’re actually going to watch my stuff and put the information in to practice so you get the results you’re after. Win-win.

What you will find on the homepage is unique, life-changing stuff that will powerfully shift your perspective and how you feel. In a VERY POSITIVE way.

It’s totally different from the common “knowledge” that is out there and years of work have gone into me being able to offer this to you.

My big promise is that you can become 100% anxiety-free without doing embarrassing and scary exposures. You can achieve feeling totally confident and accepting of yourself, and feeling calm and confident in all social situations. And you do that by applying EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in the right way. I teach you how to do that (on my homepage) by following the structure of social anxiety disorder.

Now that is quite a promise. And so if you want me to prove that this is indeed the case, please go to my homepage and follow all the content I have for you there. It’s in a sequential order. One piece of information builds upon the next and so forth. Which is exactly the reason why I ask you to not skip ahead and check your email box yet, but first absorb the content from my homepage.

The information and videos from my newsletter will have 10 times more value to you once you have gone through the free content on my homepage first.

It has taken me nearly a decade to bring that stuff together, and it is based upon both my own journey from Social Anxiety Disorder to being socially confident, and from my nearly 4 years of experience in coaching socially phobic clients.

As you follow along, watching everything, doing all the exercises with conviction, then your view about what’s going on with you will forever be changed. You will feel better about yourself, you will know what to do, and you will feel inspired to take action.

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