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Change Your Brain To Solve Your Social Anxiety

How your brain exactly works is WAY too much to write here. Besides, to change your brain with the techniques I’ll share with you it is not necessary to have studied all there’s known about the mind.

On this page you will get to learn the 3 important things you do need to know about your brain. These will help you a great deal in applying the effective tools I’m going to share to overcome your social anxiety.

But… Is that really possible, to change your brain?

That was the first thing that I thought when I accidentally stumbled onto a psychology book a good 7 years ago. At the time I had no idea what was going on with me…

…But what I did know was that my brain was doing all but working in my favor.

The book I read suggested that how your brain works is similar to how a computer operates. That you can do various brain exercises and have your thinking work in your favor.

Where it comes down to is that you can have your brain work in such a way that you feel happy, confident and comfortable.

change your brain

While I was very skeptical at first I was definitely curious enough to try it. And to my amazement, it did work a little.

I can’t remember exactly what it was. I believe something with maintaining a positive focus or something, but the best thing was that I now had the idea that there was a way out of my social anxiety misery.

From then on I’ve read close to a hundred books. I listened to a bazillion self-help tapes and I got certified in several disciplines that specialize in changing your brain (and therefore your emotions).

I have experienced an enormous change in myself (I‘ll give you some examples in my articles). I have seen others change and I’ve also helped others change myself. I can now with conviction and absolute 100% guarantee say:

Yes, it is definitely possible to change your brain!

But hey, you might not take my word for it (skepticism is healthy). So that’s why I have articles below where I guide you through some of the change your brain-exercises. So you can experience them for yourself.

The 3 Things You Should Know About Your Brain

For the exercises to be even more simple and effective it is important that you know of 3 easy things about your brain. These 3 things are:

  • Your inner voice (your thoughts)
  • Your beliefs
  • Your emotions

Once you know these you can read the articles on the bottom of this page. They will explain how to use some of the most effective tools I have found to change your brain and solve your social anxiety.

I. Your Inner Voice/Thoughts

You do know you have a voice inside your head, right? It’s the one that now says: “what voice? I don‘t have an inner voice!”

It’s the voice that helps you decide. It gives you feedback. But, it’s also the voice that asks “why am I such a loser?” and the voice that says “shame on you!”

inner voice

It’s your thinking, your thoughts. That little voice inside your head is now probably more leaning towards the negative side. To feel better, we want that voice to be on the positive side.

Keep in mind that positive thoughts create positive feelings and negative thoughts create negative feelings. So we want our inner voices working in our favor!

When your inner voice is constantly negative you feel anxious, pessimistic and weak. You will have low self esteem. And your social anxiety is suffering from it big time.

Luckily we can influence the voice. You can change your brain and it will result in a positive inner voice. Positive thoughts and therefore positive emotions.

We want that inner voice to be our best friend!

II. Your Beliefs

What are beliefs?

A belief is a feeling of certainty about something

Right… Belief
OK, let me try to be more clear.
Research states that an average person has around 50 000 thoughts per day. To make sense of these thoughts/ idea’s and our world around us we create beliefs (thoughts/idea’s that we believed to be true are now our beliefs).

All of our beliefs together form a belief system
. Through this belief system we view the world.

This means that all the information we get from the world gets filtered by our belief system. So if you have negative, irrational beliefs
you interpret information negatively…

When you’re growing up, to make sense of the world around you, you form beliefs like

  • If I smile people like me better
  • Mommy loves me
  • I am a good girl

But, to the contrary, you also create negative, irrational beliefs like

  • I am a failure
  • Nothing I do is right
  • Nobody likes me

These negative beliefs you have formed create negative thoughts (your negative inner voice). And these in turn cause you to experience negative emotions.

If you’re anything like me (and 99.999% of the people in our world) you like feeling good…

…So that’s why we need empowering beliefs. Or at least to get rid of the limiting beliefs.

The techniques and information to change your brain below will go deeper into various ways of doing this. For now all you need to understand is that:

Negative, irrational, limiting beliefs cause negative thoughts. Negative thoughts create negative emotions.

Positive, rational, empowering beliefs cause positive thoughts. And these thoughts create what we’re looking for… Positive emotions!

III. Emotions

Emotions are feelings about a situation, person, or object. These feelings are caused by your thoughts and the thoughts are in turn caused by our beliefs.

I go into more detail about what emotions are and how you can use them in your favor in my article understanding emotions.

But for now this is all that is necessary for you to know to get into the good stuff. That’s right, you now know enough to start reading and applying the tools on the bottom of this article to change your brain.

One Last Piece Of Advice…

The tools and techniques I share are very effective. One technique will work immediately and you will feel better almost instantly.

The other might take a bit of time, effort and energy for them to start working. And some of them will work better for you than others.

My advice to you would be to experiment with all of them at first. The benefit of this is that you will get to know your brain and emotions pretty well. It also shows you that you are in control. And that’s a good thing.

Now you might decide after a while that one of them works best for you. Great. Simply pick that one to be your main tool to change your brain.

But the added benefit from having tried them all is that you know of the other tools as well and you can add the best parts of those to create your own super tool (I said super tool ghehe)..

OK, onto the real change your brain info, tools and techniques!

If you want to completely rewire your brain and thinking and so overcome your social anxiety, my Social Confidence System is exactly designed to achieve that in an as effective as possible manner.

From the ease of sitting behind your own PC I will guide you through articles, audios and videos taking you systematically from social anxiety all the way to social confidence.


  • Take control of your belief system and you solve your social anxiety

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