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Beat social anxiety without facing your fears



Do you want to get rid of Social Anxiety WITHOUT facing your fears?


In this video, we will share the secret on how to get over Social Anxiety in a far more gentle and much more effective way.


Currently your brain has labeled certain social situations as threatening.

This perception of threat activates the anxiety response.

To deal with this, Mainstream psychology recommends that you…

1. Change irrational thoughts
2. Be mindful
3. Force yourself to progressively face your fears

This would help gather real world evidence to disprove your false beliefs, and your brain would learn that social situations are safe.

But while challenging thoughts and being mindful is great, facing your social fears is very scary to do. Too scary for some. And while it brings some that manage to force themselves relief, for most the fear never goes away completely.

Some do public speeches for years, and yet still feel the fear!

With EFT tapping however, you can neutralize the trauma and related beliefs at the root of these fears. All in the comfort of your own home.

And without these excessive fears triggering you, gathering real world evidence of pleasant social interactions is a lot easier.

This approach is in my experience far more gentle, and much more effective. Plus, this way you can get rid of your social anxiety problem completely.

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