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Use Afformations To Create Positive Beliefs

Afformations? What is that?!

That is exactly what I thought when I first read about it some 2 years ago.

I had seen The Secret a whole bunch of times and I was reading in some of the forums online to expand my knowledge of it.

Skimming the topics there I found a thread on afformations and how they supposedly were more effective than affirmations

Of course, that made me curious!

After I read the book on it and figured out what it exactly was I was excited! I found out that it basically comes down to this…

Afformations are, simply said, positive and empowering questions you ask yourself. You state something that you want to be true, and then you ask why it is true now. It is a great way of creating new beliefs and activating the Law Of Attraction.
I use afformations every day. I combine affirmations and afformations together and they give me great results. I do them at waking up and before going to bed and I have a list in my wallet that I go over when visiting the toilet for a number 2…

Why Do Afformations Work

Your mind operates in such a way that it will always come up with an answer. No matter what question you ask it. In everyday life you already use afformations, you just might have not been aware of it.

Think of it yourself, how often when you talk to yourself do you ask yourself questions? And how often are they negative?

Most questions we ask are negative unfortunately:

  • Why am I such a loser?
  • Why can’t I do this?
  • Why am I always so afraid?
  • etc.

Your mind will give you answers to these!

Your brain will search the inconceivable huge database of your unconscious mind and will draw back information.

And so you get answers on why you’re such a loser, why you can’t do this and why you’re always so * afraid!

  • I am a loser because I am unsuccessful in my job
  • I am a loser because I can’t talk to strangers confidently
  • I am a loser because I am not cool enough
  • I am a loser because
  • etc.

After getting this evidence from your brain you start to believe it more. Your belief in being a loser that can’t do things and who’s always afraid will strengthen… Not a very good thing.

As you hopefully already know, your consistent thoughts create your reality.

“Our thoughts create our reality — where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.”

Peter McWilliams

Now if you have all these negative thoughts, then your reality -the world around you- might not be all that pleasurable. This is where afformations come into play.

By using them you can do the exact same thing with your brain -you ask it questions- but now you get positive answers!

These empowering answers are then used as evidence to support your now strengthening positive belief. This in turn will empower you and steer you in the right direction.

Here’s How To Do It

What you do is you first state the opposite of the negative. You state what you want to believe. Then, after that, you ask yourself why this is true.

So here the afformations in response to the example from above would be:

  • Why am I such a winner?
  • Why can I do this?
  • Why am I so comfortable doing this?

Ask each questions 3 times. Ask, get answer. Ask, get answer. Ask, get answer.

In the same way as before your mind comes up with answers. Instead of negative ones it will now give you answers that will be considered as evidence of why you are such a winner that can definitely do this and is comfortable in doing so.

And in the same way as before your mind starts to believe the positive beliefs more after getting this evidence from your unconscious mind! A very good thing!

You are creating and/or strengthening positive beliefs. These will in turn generate more positive thoughts. And more positive thoughts create a more positive life. Nice.

Practical Advice For Using Afformations

In working with affirmations you have to deal with the initial stage of disbelief.

Because when you affirm “I am rich” you in your mind immediately follow that up with “That‘s not true!”. Since affirmations only work when you believe they work you have to keep affirming until you believe it.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe affirmations are great and I recommend you use them. But I strongly suggest you use afformations as well. Combine the two.

I do it like this:

I state my affirmation and after that I use my afformation to ask why it is true.

For example.

I first use my affirmation: “I comfortable enjoy meeting new people” Then my afformation: “Why do I comfortable enjoy meeting new people?”

I use 2nd and 3rd position as well of course. See affirmations for an explanation.

Aside from doing this I also have a list with 10 afformations that I carry in my wallet. When I go to the toilet or when I am waiting somewhere I pull out my list and go over them.

Of course it’s best to have afformations that are related to your own personal life. I advice you to create your own. But here are some examples to give you an idea:

  • Why am I comfortable talking to people?
  • Why am I improving my life every day and become more comfortable with myself?
  • Why do I love myself?
  • Why do I attract positive people in my life?
  • Why am I so happy?

If you run into problems, such as your inner voice saying “I’m not happy!” ask the question again. Persistence pays off, your mind will always find reasons.

In the beginning they might be insignificant, but with time this will grow. You will find more and more evidence and the belief will grow. The stronger the belief becomes, the easier it gets.

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