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    Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Affiliate Program.

    If you care about promoting a sincere product that over delivers on value, that truly transforms the lives of the people that invest in it, that gets people out of the intense suffering of social anxiety disorder into a rewarding and satisfying life of confidence and connection, AND that also brings in a lot of revenue for you, then I would really like you to become part of the team, and help me make a difference by promoting the Social Confidence System.

    Make Good Money Promoting a High Quality Product That Empowers People to Live Life to the Fullest

    The Social Confidence System has a very low return rate (around 1%), and you receive nearly $100 per product sold.

    It is a very high quality product that has taken me thousands of hours and nearly 3 years to put this 6th version of my product together, and I continuously update and improve it when possible. It is an accumulation of the best of my knowledge from both my own journey from social phobia to social confidence (a journey that has taken nearly a decade), and from the insights of nearly four years coaching socially phobic clients.

    This product changes lives, and the promotion materials will help you to communicate this to prospects.

    With this product you can help a lot of people, and make a lot of money doing so.

    My Social Anxiety to Social Confidence Story

    How to become an affiliate?

    We use Clickbank to run our affiliate program. To get started, sign up for our affiliate program with! You can use the following link to promote the Social Confidence System.

    Be sure to replace the “xxxxxx” with your clickbank ID to get your credits!

    How much will you earn?

    I am happy to reward you with 50% on every sale you make (the product sells for $197).

    Which brings you close to $100 for every Social Confidence System that is sold via your hoplink.

    (a hoplink is your personalized link or banner that you use to send people from your site, or newsletter to my website where people can buy my product).

    AND, when you sell a lot, you receive more commission:

    When you sell more than 100 a month, you will receive 65% commission ($118 per sale).

    When you sell more than 200 a month, you will receive 70% commission ($127 per sale).

    And when you sell more than 250 a month, you will receive 75% commission ($136 per sale).

    This product is being offered through Clickbank which means you are guaranteed to get paid on time. For more details about ClickBank’s payment schedule see Click Here.

    How do you get paid?

    All affiliates are paid through ClickBank and are provided with Real-Time statistics so you can easily keep track of the amount of sales that have been made via your hoplink.

    To join our affiliate program, you want to first sign up for Clickbank and become a member. This is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. To do that now, and to get your clickbank affiliate ID, click here. ClickBank will track all affiliate sales for you.

  • What is an affiliate program? It’s a way for you to share in the profits of a merchant through commissions earned by promoting that merchant’s product. Here we show you a way to share in our profits by promoting the Social Confidence System with your web site, newsletter or email list.

    How does the affiliate program work?

    Our affiliate merchant partner,, one of the leaders in the field, will pay you every time you refer a person to our website from your website, newsletter or email list, who purchases the Social Confidence System.

    Our affiliate program is a great way to easily earn money and selling this high quality program can add a lot of value to your site.

    How do I get started with the

    It’s a simple three-step process: read the Affiliate Agreement, fill out the Affiliate Application, and when ClickBank accepts your application, you will be notified by e-mail about how to link to our site and start earning money.

    Does my website qualify for your affiliate program?

    Anyone who is serious about this, and presents the Social Confidence System in a professional, high quality way can apply to become an affiliate. We reserve the right to refuse any site, especially if it contains unsuitable material.
    Websites that would violate any applicable law, regulation, or third-party right; encourage illegal activity or racism; or promote materials, products, or services related to pornography, for example, will be deemed unacceptable for our Affiliate Program.

    How do you track people coming from my website?

    You will use a specific link on your website, or in your newsletter which is called a hoplink. This hoplink allows ClickBank to track all the statistics. Clickbank uses reliable software to track the customers you refer to ensure that you get the credit for each sale.

    How can I keep track of how many people visit your site from mine?

    Simply log in to your affiliate account. With program you can track your stats in real time for online orders: sales, commissions earned, clicks, impressions, click through rate, and more.

    How much will I earn for each sale I generate?

    We pay 50% on the current retail price of our product.

    And, the more sales you generate, the higher the commission we offer.

    When you sell more than 100 a month, you will receive 65% commission ($118 per sale).

    When you sell more than 200 a month, you will receive 70% commission ($127 per sale).

    And when you sell more than 250 a month, you will receive 75% commission
    ($136 per sale).

    When and how do I get paid?

    You will be paid monthly as per ClickBank’s payment terms and conditions. For more details about ClickBank’s payment schedule see Click Here.

    ClickBank prides itself in always paying on time. In fact, their company slogan reads: “We’ve paid our clients on time, every time, for over 14 years”.

    What about SPAM?

    Spam is “unsolicited bulk email,” and it’s a big “no-no.” If you spam (intentionally or unintentionally) while promoting the Social Confidence System, your affiliate account will be terminated, and you will forfeit any earnings you have amassed. Don’t be fooled into believing that you can e-mail millions of subscribers for a price. Unless you have a specific relationship with the person you are e-mailing and this is personal email to them, or unless the person is a member of an opt-in email list (where they have given permission to be contacted for certain purposes), you are spamming.

    How long does the “cookie” last?

    The cookie, a small file stored on the computer of somebody that clicks on your affiliate link, lasts for 90 days. This means that if somebody clicks on your link and comes to our site but doesn’t buy right away, they will have a cookie with your referral ID on their computer, so if they return to our site any time within 90 days and DO buy, that sale will be credited to you.

    Do I have to buy your Social Confidence System myself in order to promote it?

    No, this is not necessary. I have high quality promotion material for you that is the best promotion material possible for the Social Confidence System, and this does all the work for you.

    That being said, if you are suffering yourself from a social anxiety disorder I highly recommend you buy the program. When you do I’m convinced you will become a raving fan of the product because by applying the 10 steps in the program you will release your long standing issue.

    When your life has been changed as a result of the Social Confidence System, this of course helps you to better promote it. You will know that it works and this will shine through in your promoting.

    If you do not buy the program, I urge you to study the promotion materials intently, andd the sales letter and it’s FAQ as well, so you know exactly what it is that you’re selling.

    How do visitors to my site purchase the Social Confidence System?

    Your graphic and text links will take your visitors directly to where they will purchase the program. When you send them to us we do all the rest — fulfill orders, handle customer inquiries etc.

    How can I promote your Social Confidence System?

    We will provide you with high quality promotion material that effectively pre-sells the social confidence system.

    The promotion materials are unique, high quality, and deliver incredible value to the prospective buyer of the Social Confidence System.

    It helps them to understand why they have the problem they suffer from, what the most powerful, scientifically proven solution is to that problem, and how to systematically implement that solution to fully recover from their problem.

    Not only that, they will learn that their journey will be relatively painless, cheaper and faster than the common solutions out there in the market place, and that their results will be permanent.

    All that I promise in the promotion materials is honest and sincere. Everything I say will be over-delivered on in the Social Confidence System. The message is communicated in an easy to understand, respectful manner, and people will feel motivated to buy because they’ll know they can change.

    In order to spread this powerful message, you will get access to video series, articles, banners, short news items and text links that you can use on your site.

    Plus there is a weekly new video that comes out which presells the Social Confidence System.

    For best results, to be most helpful to your visitors and to continue to enhance the trusted relationship you have with them, and of course to generate the most revenue, I recommend studying the promotion materials, sharing the benefits with your visitors, and then showing them your hoplink to invite them to have a more in-depth look.

    Also, in addition to using your website, you may promote the Social Confidence System through an opt-in mailing list or by word of mouth.

    What kind of help can I expect from for my promotion?

    All of our promotional materials are already available to you. You can have a look at the tab called “promotional materials” and here you will find all the videos and articles that you need to effectively promote the Social Confidence System to your visitors.

    It is all written in an easy-to-understand, low-key, natural style that is highly effective for introducing the product to your visitors. If you need individual help in promoting the Social Confidence System to your special audience, I can be contacted via the contact page on my site and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Thank you for your assistance in helping me spread my message and reaching more people.

    Kind regards,
    Sebastiaan van der Schrier

  • Welcome to the Marketing Tools.
    Below you find a selection of the videos I’ve been bringing out to help people out and market the Social Confidence System. You can just click on them, and then when you are in youtube you can get the codes to embed the video on your website or in your newsletter.

    Aside from the current existing videos, I will be bringing out a new video every Thursday of 2013.

    I’ll now explain to you what every video is about, so you can decide which videos to use for your specific audience.

    My Social Anxiety to Social Confidence Story: This is a video where I tell in 22 minutes how challenging and depressing my situation was, the struggle I have gone through to overcome it, what worked for me, and how this can work for them too. I’ve been told it’s an inspiring story that people can relate to.

    BEAT Social Anxiety Disorder: This video series consisting of 7 short videos (5-8 minutes each) is a perfect pre-seller as it demonstrates via easy-to-understand graphics, WHAT social anxiety disorder really is, WHY they suffer from it, WHAT the most powerful technique is to overcome it, and HOW to use that technique to overcome it STEP-BY-STEP.It also explains how this approach is faster, painless, and gets permanent results. Not only that, they can become 100% anxiety-free. Something mainstream psychology believes is nearly impossible.After the videos their whole perspective on their situation has been positively influenced. They have gained a sense of hope that there’s finally a solution for them out there.

    EFT Introductory: This video is an introduction to the technique that the Social Confidence System is based upon. It is created by the leading people in the EFT (the technique is called Emotional Freedom Techniques) world, shows the latest science, and is a credible convincer of the incredible power of this wonderful technique.

    Social Anxiety EFT: In this video I take people through an experience of this EFT technique. I let them tune into their anxiety, and then guide them through applying the technique which reduces, or releases this anxiety within 10 minutes. After this miraculous result, they feel different.

    They have felt a shift inside of themselves. They have noticed how they now feel relaxed where they formerly felt anxious.

    Social Anxiety Treatment: In these two videos I first explain to them why acceptance of their situation is so important and how it will help them to solve their social anxiety. I then guide them through an EFT tapping routine which again helps them to positively change how they feel.

    They will feel better about their situation, and better about themselves. Plus, they again feel more hopeful that there is a way out of their problem.

    Nothing Works To Overcome Your Social Anxiety: In these two videos I talk about the one single biggest obstacle to overcoming their social anxiety. This is “subconscious resistance”. I then give them some of the most common examples of this subconscious resistance and then I help them, using EFT, to move beyond two of these resistances in the videos. This helps them past two blocks, has them understand why they were stuck, and gets them to realize that there are solutions to these blocks.

    I refer to the 26 common blocks that there are, and how these can be found in the Social Confidence System.

    My Social Anxiety to
    Social Confidence
    Story :
    BEAT Social Anxiety
    Disorder 1/7 : What is
    SAD really? :
    BEAT Social Anxiety
    Disorder 2/7 : Socially
    Anxious Map Of
    The World :
    BEAT Social Anxiety
    Disorder 3/7 : Joe’s
    Limiting Beliefs :
    BEAT Social Anxiety
    Disorder 4/7: Why We
    Believe What We Believe :
    BEAT Social Anxiety
    Disorder 5/7 : Social
    Anxiety is a SKILL :
    BEAT Social Anxiety
    Disorder 6/7 : The
    Structure of Social
    Anxiety Disorder :
    BEAT Social Anxiety
    Disorder 7/7 : Using EFT
    (Emotional Freedom
    Techniques) :
    video :
    BEAT Social Anxiety
    Disorder : Social
    Confidence System :
    Nothing Works To
    Overcome Your Social
    Anxiety Disorder? :
    Nothing Works To
    Overcome Your Social
    Anxiety Disorder? II :
    Social Anxiety Treatment
    1/2 (Follow along and
    change how you feel in
    20 minutes!) :
    Social Anxiety Treatment
    2/2 (Follow along and
    change how you feel in
    20 minutes!) :
    Social Anxiety
    EFT “get
    the click” :
    EFT Social Anxiety
    Techniques Video

    Click here to get the banner code
    <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img title=”SCS-468×60? src=”×60.jpg” alt=”” width=”468? height=”60? /></a>

    Click here to get the banner code
    <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img title=”SCS-468×60? src=”×60.jpg” alt=”” width=”468? height=”60? /></a>

    The following I have written for and can be found at:!&id=6844855

    Click here to see the article

    Cure Social Anxiety Disorder Permanently Without Scary Exposures?!

    I’m sure that while this title has peeked your curiosity you are at least a bit skeptical about the possibility of being completely free from it forever… Especially considering the general (mis)information about social anxiety disorder out there.

    When almost all well-meaning “experts” out there keep telling you that you will always have to deal with it, that you at best can only manage the symptoms, and that it’s quite possibly something in your genes which you can do absolutely nothing about, you tend to start believing it. After all, they are the experts, and you haven’t experienced much improvement yourself. Right?

    While skepticism is to be expected and a healthy approach to someone challenging the status quo, I invite you to consider the possibility that the status quo might be outdated and in need for an update. As an ex sufferer I am speaking from experience when I suggest that you can be totally free of anxiety.

    And to take that statement a step further, it’s not just possible that you can overcome it fully, you can also overcome it much faster and in a much easier and gentle way than you might expect.

    Let me explain to you the basics of WHY you can become completely calm and confident, and then introduce you to a basic understanding of HOW you can do it FAST.

    First some general understanding to help you gain a better perspective, because unfortunately there is a lot of incorrect and outdated information out there which might have caused you to feel close to hopeless.

    To start out:

    You Were NOT Born With A Social Phobia!

    You are born with only 2 basic fears. The fear of falling, and the fear of loud noises. The rest is all learned.

    Your discomfort in social situations is ALSO something you “learned”.

    It is possible that you were born with genes that cause you to have a higher sensitivity to social scrutiny, making it more likely to develop social phobia. And it is also possible that you picked it up from one or both of your parents, or other person who was important in your life as you where growing up.

    However, you still had to develop it somewhere in life. And since you’ve learned it somewhere you can unlearn it as well. With the right tools, understanding (as the science of epigenetics now has proven, even when you have a genetic predisposition to anxiety, then still you can become completely anxiety free) and right application of these tools you can cure social anxiety disorder completely.

    I will introduce you to these tools before you have finished this article, first let’s get a bit more specific so we know what we’re dealing with.

    What is SAD Really?

    It is a program your mind is running to protect you from things you fear. When you feel anxious in social situations, this is because you are afraid of something or of multiple things (whether you are aware of what you fear or not…).

    That can be a fear of:

    • saying something stupid
    • embarrassing yourself
    • blushing
    • getting teased
    • not being liked
    • being disapproved of
    • looking foolish
    • getting rejected
    • etc, etc.

    These things you are afraid of are all learned fears. And you learned to have these fears through what you experienced (or saw others experience) in life.

    Let me give you a simplified example of how we learn to have a fear of something.

    Say that when you were 9 years old you had to read out loud in front of the class. You messed up and they all laughed at you, and you felt really embarrassed.

    From this experience your brain then picks up that it’s not safe to be the center of attention. It learns that being the center of attention leads to feeling embarrassed. So naturally you start to fear being the center of attention.

    Now every time the attention is all on you, you become anxious. Because your mind learned it’s not safe to be the center of attention when you were 9 years old.

    The anxiety is basically a warning signal from your brain saying: “Careful, this situation is just like the one where you became embarrassed. You might experience embarrassment again!”

    Now what you can do by using the tool I’m about to tell you about in a second, is you can go back to these times where you learned these fears, release the negative emotions and retrain your brain so it lets go of the lessons learned (i.e. let go of the belief that it’s not safe to be the center of attention). Once you do that, your brain no longer feels a need to warn you with anxiety, because it no longer thinks you are in danger.

    Now when you have a social phobia there are a lot of things you fear. And there’s a lot more to the structure of social phobia and how to overcome it than I can write about here, but there is a how-to-structure to systematically overcome any and all of them.

    For now just understand that it is simply a program that was initially installed to protect you. And what you can do to overcome your challenges permanently, is to delete the program by eliminating all the fears you learned, and so unlock your natural confidence.

    So How Do We Eliminate These Fears?

    We eliminate these fears using a silly looking, scientifically proven to work technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

    It combines elements of exposure therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by tapping on natural stress release points on the body.

    It looks a bit silly at first, and when I saw it for the first time on a you tube video (this was back in 2005) I thought it was the biggest nonsense ever, and that it was probably some scam where someone tries to make money out of other people’s misery…

    … but after doing some research (don’t just take my word for it, do your own research!) I found thousands of testimonials of people claiming EFT cured their challenge that nothing else had seemed to work for. And most were raving about how little time it took them.

    Emotional Freedom Techniques is used by millions of people worldwide, endorsed by PhD’s and MD’s and I have found EFT to be BY FAR the most powerful technique (having tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NLP, Hypnosis, and just about any possible therapy or self-help method out there) to deliver results quickly.

    Curtis Steele, MD, Canada: “EFT has been, for me, the single most effective technique I’ve used in my 45 years of practice as a psychiatrist. I’ve had success with panic, social anxiety and many other disorders.”

    Wow, So Will I Cure Social Anxiety Disorder Within Minutes Now?

    I wish it was that easy… Overcoming a social phobia still does take some time, effort and energy to fully resolve, even with a powerful tool like EFT.

    Now it depends on how intense it is, what history you have, and how fast you shift, etc. But when you apply it in the right way, you can fully overcome your SAD from the comfort of your own home.

    There really is a way out of this. You can feel great about yourself and feel totally calm, comfortable and confident around anyone and in all social situations. Something I thought was impossible a few years ago… You can have the connection, relationships and satisfying social life you desire.

    I am a personal coach specialized for the past 3 years in applying EFT to overcome social phobia. Through my own journey of nearly a decade, going from from SAD to social confidence, and from the many insights I got from guiding many clients over the past 3 years to feeling good about themselves and confident in social settings, I have created a free video series (which has taken me 4 months to put together) where I explain visually how to overcome SAD step-step once and for all. See it here.

    In case you want to know more about my online 1 on 1 coaching via Skype, go to my site and read via the tab on the left named “Online Coaching” about how I can help you. Or feel free to contact me directly.

    And to go from SAD to social confidence from the comfort of your own home, without exposure, get my EFT based Social Confidence System.

    Kind regards, Sebastiaan van der Schrier

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