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My Story (Chapter 4)

I first saw it demonstrated on a youtube video.

I thought it was complete nonsense.

It was a technique to rapidly release negative emotions.

It looked plain weird.

I was convinced it was some sort of a scam.

So I ignored it.

But out of sheer frustration and loneliness after another weekend smoking weed alone at home, and panic thinking I’d stay like this for the rest of my life, I came back to it a few weeks later, desperately hoping it was for real.

I checked out the video again.

And the guy in the video demonstrating it was sharing it for free.

Still, I was skeptical.

I Googled it to see if it was a scam.

What I found was thousands of testimonials.

People claimed it worked where nothing else had worked.

That they resolved their long-standing issues with it.

There were hundreds of videos on youtube.

I then checked out online forums dedicated to it.

People were raving about it.

This was way too big (and popular) to be a clever scam.

I decided to try the technique out for myself.

I studied the basics (which are very simple to learn and use, but are only a small piece of the puzzle; you need to know how to apply the technique in the right way to a complex issue like social anxiety, which I’ll share later on…) and I tried it.

It didn’t work.

But I had seen so many testimonials and raving reviews that I was convinced it had to work for me too.

I was determined to MAKE IT WORK.

I now know from successfully using it with my coaching clients for over 5 years…

… that getting results with this technique is quite a bit different when you’re dealing with social anxiety.

More on this soon.

I studied some more.

I devoured all the information I could find online for months.

I figured out what I may be doing incorrectly.

I studied all the troubleshooting.

And then I tried again.

And again…

And again…

And still no luck.

I then studied even more.

Read on forums.

Asked for advice, everything.

Nothing made it work for me.

But I persisted because I felt it was my last resort.

I eventually went to a live workshop in the Netherlands.

If this technique really worked, then it had to work here.

After instructions it was time to practice in triads (one practitioner, one “client” and one observer)

Everyone got results except me.

So we called in the workshop leader.

And he started doing this technique with me.

He asked me some probing questions.

He eventually had me talk about how I didn’t have a girlfriend.

Or how I did not have sex for a long time.

All of this in front of the other people.

I felt extremely embarrassed and ashamed.

As I was feeling this, he instructed me to apply the technique.

And then as I was talking and applying the technique at the same time, a strange thing happened.

I felt a shift inside of myself.

I FELT something changing inside.

It was like the plug of a drain that was plugged got pulled.

And the shame and embarrassment flushed away.

I literally felt it dissolving and myself becoming calmer.


In place for the shame and embarrassment came a relaxing, peaceful feeling. A calm acceptance.

After just a few minutes I could talk about it without any shame or embarrassment.

I couldn’t even bring the embarrassment and shame back.

No matter how hard I tried.

I could hardly believe it.

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