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A socially confident you in 2022?



Imagine in 2022…

…as your most confident you.

What would it be like?

And how will you achieve that?

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This is Sebastiaan from

We are very, very close to starting the FREE 30 Day Social Confidence Challenge!

Get excited, this is going to be so cool!

Thousands of people have registered already.

This is the fourth one that we’re running.

And day by day, you’re going to chip away at the layers of social anxiety, together with this whole group of people, all focused towards effortless social ease.

This is going to create great momentum.

There’s something really special that happens when you’re in a community of people that all go in the same direction.

They all have the same problem, the same pain, the same suffering, or at least very similar. And they’re all propelled forward towards a particular goal =  Social Ease.

Now imagine that in 2022, you’ll feel more at ease…

…you actually enjoy socializing

…you look forward to interacting with others

…and you no longer have to worry constantly about ‘Am I going to run into this person? How’s this gonna go? I feel scared. Am I anxious? Oh, my God. What if this problem is never going to go away? What if I have to suffer from this for the rest of my life?’ 

No! It’s not there anymore. What would that be like?

What are you willing to put in in order to get to that place?

And I’m not talking about forcefully facing your fears here.

I’m not talking about approaching people and starting conversations; doing dancing in public — though, all good if you want to do that. Nothing wrong with that.

But that’s not how to get to effortless social ease. If you ask me.

That – getting to that place is an inside job, it’s an internal journey.

Inside is where it’s not going well.

Outside? That’s the outside world. You got no control over that, ultimately.

But what you do have control over is the inside, especially when you apply tapping.

That’s when you can shift your beliefs around –

…it’s when you can neutralize excessive emotions

…it’s when you can eradicate behavioral patterns that no longer work for you.

…because you have (this is my belief) direct access to the subconscious. And you can reprogram it. Affirmations, visualizations, changing your thoughts, all good, but it’s also slow.

And it doesn’t get rid of the negative underneath it.

And the negative underneath it is the stuff that gets triggered socially.

These old memories, these false-negative limiting beliefs, these imaginary fantasies about what’s going to happen socially — those are the things that trigger you, those are the things that activate that fight flight freeze response. That’s what you want to neutralize. And that’s a journey.

And that’s the journey that we’re all going to start with on the 1st of January

30 Day Social Confidence Challenge.

It’s getting very close.

I’m excited about it.

This is just a brief video because it’s Thursday, and I release videos every Thursday.

So I want you to get excited, this is going to happen, you’re part of it.

If you’re not there yet, then go to

But I’m assuming that by now you’re part of it already.

So I’m excited to have you there.

Get ready!

Open that email on the 1st of January.

Check it out.

And you’re going to feel better after that.

And then, on the 2nd of January, you’re going to open the email, you’re going to watch the video and you’re going to feel a little bit better than that.

And you’re going to feel a little bit better and a little bit better.

…and imagine how much better you’re going to feel after 30 days.

You’ve heard lots of lots of video testimonials and written testimonials throughout the whole year.

I’ve given you a whole year of testimonials of the previous challenges.

So, this is going to be exciting. You’re going to love this.


So make sure you’re there.

I look forward to seeing you there.

I trust you’re going to open those emails and not just sign up for this challenge and then don’t do it.

That’s not you.

Because you want results. Right?


So, see you on the 1st of January.

Happy New Year already.

I’m going to be dancing in Bangkok. I’m excited. And I wish you a Happy New Year in advance and I’ll see you on the 1st of January.

Bye for now.

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