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62. Psychotherapist’s Wisdom on How to Feel Safe Being Vulnerable


In this episode…

In this profound talk with psychotherapist (with over 3 decades of experience) and tapping expert we go into the power of being vulnerable.

A few quick things he shares of the top of my head:

He shares the #1 reason people don’t experience true intimacy in a relationship.

He shares where according to him the “I’m not good enough” belief comes from that we collectively seem to suffer from

And he places being vulnerable in context, so you know understand where it is good and safe, and where it isn’t helpful, or even detrimental.

David’s bio:

David is a medical practitioner and psychotherapist who has been in private practice since 1977. Dr. Lake completed 17 years of medical hypnosis, and 4 years of Analytic Psychotherapy supervision, as well as comprehensive training in Provocative Therapy.

Dr. Lake is the author of ‘Strategies for Stress’, ‘She’ll Be Right” (a book on relationships for men); co-author with Steve Wells -whom you’ve heard of on podcast #5- of ‘New Energy Therapies: Rapid Change Techniques for Emotional Healing’ and ‘Enjoy Emotional Freedom’.

With Steve Wells he is the originator of SET (Simple Energy Techniques) and PET (Provocative Energy Techniques).

He’s also a supervisor of therapists, and supervises me as well and it’s been incredibly helpful for me and my clients.

Quoting David:

“It requires a lot of courage to be truly authentic and show your real self to another person.”

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