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1. How to overcome shame

Episode #1 Emma Roberts – How to overcome shame

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BIO: Emma Roberts is an ex-social anxiety sufferer, and a therapist with decades of experience. Emma is an EFT Master and Master Trainer, Clinical Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner.

She’s dealt with shame extensively both personally (a blushing problem) and professionally as she specialises working with highly sensitive areas such as trauma and sexual abuse.


 We address shame in detail, and share how to overcome it. You’ll learn how to make sure you overcome your shame. You hear us reveal our history with shame and what we did to overcome it. You get expert advice from her extensive experience helping people beat their shame.

Emma shares “the heart anchor”, a simple technique to easily gather positive emotions and recall them at will.

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 “Don’t waste time thinking you’re stuck, you can now take control of your life and change faster than you might think”

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